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All about permanent makeup

About permanent makeup

All about permanent makeup

Permanent makeup technique arose from the traditional principles of a tattoo, the age makeup for a better definition of the strokes and even camouflage scars. The micropigmentação or permanent makeup is based on the application of inorganic pigments and hypoallergenic, with a view to better the lines and contours of the woman’s face. In addition, the carving is not used just to make up the eyes, eyebrows and lips, but also to fix possible flaws and scars on his face.

The technique most often used by permanent makeup is makeup for eyebrows, whose work is directed to wire mimicking natural hairs own eyebrown which makes it difficult to own customer and others distinguish which are the natural and the artificial hairs created from the carving. The procedure despite being performed with a micro needle causes no bruising, swelling and is practically painless.

How is made the permanent makeup?

The carving is done with a device called a demographer, this appliance has a needle in your end and the pigment is applied to the first layer of the dermis. Some people permanent makeup specialists make the application in the epidermis, but the result is not so satisfactory, because any pigmentation applied in the epidermis can completely disappear in thirty days. The pigments used in eyebrow is Glycerin-based, whose molecule does not exceed to the deeper layers of the skin.

permanent makeup

The carving is done with great care, as each region of the skin requires a type and an adequate amount of perforations. In some cases, the permanent makeup Touchup is essential, what can be done after 30 days after the application, as it is the minimum time for the skin to heal before being subjected again to a new procedure.

After the patient reach a satisfactory result, the maintenance of permanent makeup should be made only every three or four years, of course, will depend on each person’s care, for example, how often she goes to the pool, if Sun or using cosmetics with the acids.

Types of pigments for Makeup Difinitiva

Organic pigments: Has the vegetable-based and provides pigmentation with more vibrant colors, such as red. Generally, are used in the carving of the lips, but the body pigment can have up to 80% of rejection, causing the color to fade more easily, requiring a new application.

Inorganic pigments: the applications are based on iron or titanium dioxide, in this type of pigment colors are darker.

permanent makeup

Contraindications of permanent makeup

Patients who present any symptoms below may not be subject to the methods used in permanent makeup:

Hypertension, gout, diabetes, heart disease, cancerous tumors, epilepsy, AIDS, alcoholism, psychosomatic complications, hemophilia, leukemia, depression, anxiety, thrombosis, patients in treatment and people who did plastic surgery in less than a year.

Note on the permanent makeup

Women with dark skin require some special care in time to do the carving, due to the amount of melanin in this skin type. Especially in this case, the lip is a region virtually banned from performing the carving as it is in this region that focus more melanin, causing an excessive darkening with the application of pigments on the lips.

Before carving, make sure that the professional’s ability to perform the procedure, see if he or she has done recent courses on the subject and see if your courses have a good reputation in the market. Ask a friend or your known you’ve ever done the procedure, note if it’s well done, and if she liked it.

When you’re choosing a clinic to perform the procedure of pigmentation professional must explain to you exactly how it’s done the carving. Explaining the necessary care, healing processes, the colors more matches your skin tone and the method of use of needles so that there is no doubt later. Don’t forget to also require a test to see how your body reacts to the pigments so much time as after healing.

The tests are made with dots behind the ear or between the toes, because they are very sensitive areas. Once the test, it is necessary to wait 30 days to see how the skin reacts to the application of pigment.

Ask for the professional show you all the equipment that will be used in permanent makeup, where will be held the procedure should be impeccably clean. In addition, professionals and their potential must be properly equipped with auxiliary gloves, aprons, masks and caps. The needle of the procedure must be sealed and can only be opened at the time of application, do not accept needles that is not disposable.

Fashion Powder Brows

Fashion Powder Brows is the latest technique for shadowed
eyebrows. Perfectly formed lines in one or two colors to fade
beautifully together for a soft, natural eyebrow. This technique can
to be applied on different skin types and is a perfect alternative
for hairstroke eyebrows, without having to compromise on natural results.

Fashion Powder Brows

Once healed gives Fashion Powder Brows, the effect of a soft
shadow behind the existing eyebrow. Fashion Powder Brows is a
advanced schaduwtechniek. In the one-day Master Class you will learn everything
about mixing and fading of multiple colors without the transition and the
gradual vervagingstechnieken for a soft, powdery, of course

Master Class Advanced Eyes

Extend your eyeliner technique with the Master Class Advanced Eyeliner. During this Master Class you will learn four new eyeliner techniques.

Master Class Advanced Eyes

Uitgeschaduwde boveneyeliner
Create a smudgy eyeliner with the shadow effect on the upper eyelid.

Contrast duo tone
Create an eyeliner with two different pigments on the upper eyelid.

Design boveneyeliner
Create an eyeliner on the upper eyelid to the outside wide smile. For a wing effect.

Soft ondereyeliner
Create a soft line under the eyes.

Learn the correct technique to apply by means of gezichstanalyse, color layering and shading techniques. You need to learn how touch ups can reduce and work with all the needles that are suitable for advanced techniques.

Ask more information here about our academy.

PMU World Conference – Championship

For the sixth time, Nouveau Contour organizes the permanent Make Up World Conference. The event will take place on 4 and 5 November 2017 in Amsterdam. Newly this year is the Signature Brow Championship on Friday 3 November.

World Conference – Championship

Fight into one of the categories and become the PMU Brow Champion of 2017. The categories are Micropigmentation and Microblading. Participation in the Championship is only possible for PMU World Conference members and costs € 79, – per person. Both categories have three great prizes:

First prize: € 1,000, –
Second prize: € 750, –
Third prize: € 500, –

The winners will be announced during the Grand Gala Dinner on Saturday, November 4th. When you have finished in the top 3 of the Championship you will receive a free ticket for the gala dinner. If you want to be sure of a place during dinner, buy your ticket in advance, this will be reimbursed if you finish in the top 3.

Participation in the Championship is only possible for participants at the Permanent Make Up World Conference.

Apply now!

HIM micropigmentation of scalp

What is HIM scalp pigmentation?

Pigmentation of the scalp has helped many men around the world have a modern, well-groomed, youthful appearance, regardless of age and degree of hair loss in different areas of the head and face.

In the process of pigmentation, the dye is injected into the top layer of the skin with micro dots using a special device. Each point repeats an individual shaved hair follicle (the effect of a shaved hair), which together creates the illusion of a uniformly shaved head. This technology can also create the effect of the density of hair in the places of their thinning (the effect of density).

Pigmentation of the scalp visually corrects the following problems:
Alopecia (androgenetic alopecia, diffuse alopecia)
Hair loss is complete or local (Alopecia totalis, Alopecia areata)
Scars posttraumatic, postoperative, scars after hair transplantation.

The effect of the density and shaved hair in the beard and mustache area
Camouflage of scars on the head and face
Partial and complete visual reconstruction of eyebrows and eyelashes
The total cost depends on the number of zones processed during the procedure. Zones are determined by the Hamilton-Norwood scale. The cost of the procedure includes:
Primary session (1st day)
Secondary session (2nd day)
Correction (after 30 days)
Means to care for the area after the procedure

What Micropigmentation?


MSMP is the newest cosmetic procedure used in Europe and America and is very popular among patients because of its effectiveness and quick results. Immediately after the procedure, the effect of high density of hair is visually created. And the simplicity of its implementation (non-traumatic and painless) makes MSMP even more attractive.
The MSMP technique is the application of an individually selected pigment to the scalp, imitating the 3D illusion of short hair. MSMP is shown to men and women not only in cases of visible hair loss (indications to the procedure), but also, if desired, significantly increase the density of the existing hair.

scalp micropigmentation
The skin of the head differs from other parts of the skin of our body with an abundant amount of sebaceous, perspiring glands, as well as a higher level of blood circulation, which allows it to nurture a large amount of hair. Pigmenting on the scalp requires a special technique, an MSMP device and a specially developed pigment.

ATTENTION! The MSMP procedure should in no case be confused with tattooing or tattooing on the skin.

Side effects of tattooing / tattooing of the scalp or face (eyebrows, mustaches, beard) performed in tattoo parlors and some clinics that do not know the MSMP technique is the pigment change to blue or red (since not a natural pigment is used), but Also the fusion of the pigment into large spots on the scalp (due to differences in techniques, the diameter of the needle used, the use of cutting tools , etc. ) and the appearance of allergic reactions.


When conducting the MSMP procedure at the HFE clinic you will get a tremendous effect immediately after the procedure without side effects and allergies. And the pigment chosen for you will not lose its brightness and will not change coloring within 3-5 following years.


The MSMP method is developed and widely used in Europe. The pigment used in the procedure is non-toxic, natural, corresponds to European standards for its use on the scalp. The application of the pigment is made by a needle 0.1 mm in diameter to a depth of 1.5 mm using a specially developed MSMP device in Europe.

The procedure is performed in the HFE clinic by specialists trained in England and received the corresponding MSMP training certificate.

Before the procedure, you get a free consultation with the test of pigment compliance to your scalp.

You should also know that due to the fact that MSMP is not traumatic, your own hair is not injured. That is, when performing the MSMP procedure, the needle that is injected with the pigment works in higher layers of the skin than the follicles of your own hair. This allows for a short time to combine the procedure of HFE hair transplantation with scalp micropigmentation.

The procedure is painless and does not require the use of local anesthesia.

scalp micropigmentation ny


For men and women:

Those wishing to have a higher density of hair, even if their own hair has never fallen out;
Small stages of AHA in Norwood, when HFE hair transplantation has not yet been shown, but hair density is already noticeably reduced due to their thinning;

Combination of hair transplantation using the HFE method followed by MSMP to obtain a higher visual density of the existing hair;

High stages of AHA in Norwood, when the patient wants to wear a short haircut and does not want to perform hair transplantation;

When there are restrictions on the donor zone, i.e., when the donor zone is reduced and not enough seized follicles to close the entire available amount of alopecia;
Focal (alimentary) alopecia;

Cicatricial alopecia (scalp burns, postoperative cicatricial scars including and after transplantation of hair by flap strip method and FUE machin method);
Generalized / total / universal form of alopecia (if the patient wants to wear a short haircut);
Not wishing for any reason to do hair transplant, or if there are contraindications to it.
The MSMP procedure can be performed 6 months after hair transplantation. Hair transplantation by the HFE method can be done 1 month after the MSMP

Master – Permanent makeup

Features of profession Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is, in essence, one of the cosmetic means. And its application is a cosmetology service, which consists in the fact that a specialist introduces special dyes into the upper layers of the skin with a special needle.
This makeup is becoming more popular, because it lasts a long time.

tatouageTattoo is one of the names of permanent makeup. Another version of the name: contour makeup, micropigmentation.

With its help, you can hide the flaws of the exterior and emphasize the most attractive features: make eyeliner, give a certain shape to your lips, draw a line of eyebrows. In other words, make the contours and shades of the face ideal.

Industry leading Permanent Makeup Artist and Microblading Expert, performing eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip treatments alongside medical tattooing.

Most often, women turn to the tattoo master. When the client comes to the consultation, the master helps her to make a choice. For example, a lady wants to add luminosity and plumpness to her lips.
Together with her, the master chooses the color of the pigment, the technique of applying (with shade or without), draws a sketch of the future makeup. Finds out whether there are contraindications to health, explains how to care for the skin after the procedure.
The sketch of the future work should be liked by both the client and the master, because the master as a professional evaluates how much this or that form and color is suitable for a particular customer. When the sketch is selected, the master can start applying the pigment.
After three weeks, the procedure is repeated – the master corrects, achieving an irreproachable result.

The master is responsible not only for the aesthetic result, but also for the client’s health. In order not to infect the infection in the wound, the tool and the master workplace must be clean. The master has the right to work only in sterile disposable gloves with sterile disposable needles.

The very craft of tattooing does not require long training. However, for this it is already desirable to have some professional base.
It is believed that the best masters are obtained from professional cosmetologists and people with medical education.

In the process of training, future tattoo masters work first on the mannequin, practicing the setting of hands. And then – on real clients, although under the supervision of a mentor.
Already acting masters are constantly upgrading their skills in courses to keep up with new technologies, work with the latest materials.
Continuing to keep themselves in a professional tone helps and championships among masters of tattooing. For example, since 2002 the Open Championship of Russia on permanent makeup “Contour of the Century” has been held.

It involves specialists with at least 1 year experience. It’s not just a match. This is an opportunity to show oneself, to see how others work, to meet colleagues, to evaluate new technologies and trends of fashion.

In general, the profession of tattoo master can be called female, as well as the profession of a cosmetologist. And yet, there are men in this sphere too. Although they are not so many, as among the masters of artistic tattoos.


The place of work of the master of tattooing can be both a beauty salon and a specialized tattoo parlor.

Important qualities

The profession of the master of tattooing assumes responsibility, good taste, a sense of form and proportions, accuracy, good eye, good color perception, penchant for working with hands, good fine motor skills.
You also need to be a sociable person, be able to have people to yourself. The very appearance of the master should inspire confidence in clients: negligence, lack of care, coldness – all this interferes with the work.

Severely impaired vision, diseases of the musculoskeletal system (especially if they affect the strength and mobility of the fingers) in this profession are contraindicated.

Knowledge and skills

The tattoo master should be able to use the equipment, know the sanitary rules of the work, know the properties of the various pigments, imagine what allergic reactions they can cause, own various techniques for applying them.

Where to learn

A certificate for the specialty “permanent makeup” can be obtained at special courses. And then periodically improve their skills in courses and master classes.

Eyelash extensions


If the title of the blog post catches your attention and you think “Eyelash extensions? How? But that there is let us tell you, dear friend, that need to get a day and refer to our blog more often.

A few years ago caused furor hair extensions and many women dared to take the step. To accounts, how many and how many women are dissatisfied with our hair and wish to have more quantity and look more healthy.

Sure you know more than one who takes them or carried; maybe even yourself. And is that hair extensions are a great and revolutionary invention has done a little happier to women around the world.


Today, as always happens, the revolution comes from the hand of a very simple aesthetic advance in your concept: the eyelash extensions. We say that the concept is simple because, in the background, is lengthen and thicken eyelashes, something that the majority of countries women make many years.

However, if the eyelash extensions have taken so long in create and gain a foothold among the services that offer some beauty centers, the most exclusive, which naturally Vanitas Espai include, it is because to create it is not as easy or as intuitive as it might seem.

In fact, to understand that the eyelash extensions are something absolutely delicious you just have to look at the following: to extend and expand tabs to infinity always have relied on the mascara (and in the power of certain swaying brushes) and false eyelashes.

It seemed that there was no choice, right? Indeed innovative in the mascara (remember when arrived to the market “waterproof masks?”) and brushes, but little more. Probably none of us raised more options.But the truth is that they have arrived.

Vanitas Spain, pioneers

Eyelash extensions have become, Yes, although not everywhere. In Vanitas Espai are pioneers in offering this service in Barcelona. To achieve this, our professionals have specialized in the application of Eyelash extensions. Experts are that much when it comes to applying them and choose the type of individual tab that best adapts to each eye, depending on the length, thickness and curvature of the original tab.

We would like, at this point, to thank all those clients who have been in our hands to date. When no one in Barcelona offered the service of Eyelash extensions, we started to do it. Because we believed that it was a breakthrough that was worth to incorporate our services. In fact, from the first moment in which we hear about extensions of tabs we saw it clear. There was, then, much distrust and ignorance on the matter, as it is to be expected.

Many of our customers asked us information, more out of curiosity than by genuine interest to get them (in the background, there was also some concern regarding this), until little by little were encouraging. Curiosity could the cat, as they say. And then everything just came. Word that in Vanitas Espai we put Eyelash extensions and did it in a way that the result was quite natural and long lasting spread. So more and more women were encouraged to try it. And since then they have not stopped doing so.

If we could count the number of Eyelash extensions that we have put, one by one, they would have by thousands. Because we put them one by one, Yes. That’s the reason I put in Vanitas Eyelash extensions is much more expensive to put them somewhere else, sincerely.

Quiet, the last sentence of the previous paragraph we have written to consciousness. We are more expensive, Yes. But is that the work that involves the placement of the extensions and with the quality of the materials we use, the truth, may not charge less. We are aware that certain premises of beauty in Barcelona offer this service at half price and, even, at a price that slash the ridiculous, but what you want than you say, friend… The cheap comes out expensive. Beware of those who offer a service which lasts an hour and a half, ninety minutes, for a few euros.

Price of Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions is a craft, as make bobbin lace or make thumbnails, so it is feasible that a beauty center ask for you, for example, 30 Euro for this service. Simply can not be. Unless you are not paying the employee that is getting them or used materials of dubious quality, isn’t it?Otherwise it is not understood…

But let us focus in us and in our way of working, that is what matters.When you come to Vanitas Espai to get your beautiful Eyelash extensions, you charge what you have to charge. Neither more nor less. The price is fixed according to the demands of work, the duration thereof and of superior quality extensions that we put. In Vanitas Espai are placed one by one, with a special hypoallergenic adhesive.

The advantage of this technique is that we guarantee that the tabs are loose and long, natural, not lumpy and softens as happens when placed in small groups tabs (practice, for certain, unfortunately too extended.) De_hecho, if you look, you’ll discover that some other woman to your around has tabs that look like a bunch…).

Our Eyelash extensions can be immersed in normal and can makeup if you wish, although of course are so beautiful that you will not need it.Moreover, one of the main objectives of the eyelash extensions is that the woman who put them forget to fully have to make-up and be able to save those minutes and devote them to something else.

Finally, with your Vanitas Espai Eyelash extensions you can lead a completely normal life and wear a more broad, intense and dramatic look without makeup on a daily basis. You are invited to ask for appointment and come to see us at our Center of beauty in the heart of Barcelona.

Duration of the placement of the eyelash extensions

It took us to place them ninety minutes, as you said, but they’ll last quite. The duration of the extension is directly linked with the life cycle of your natural Eyelash, i.e., between three and four weeks, as you already have in another post. At that time your natural Eyelash ages, is clear and, with it, the extension you have placed also falls. But, quiet, regenerate, eh, just like hair.

After reading all this, to what already understand why our Eyelash extensions are more expensive than in other centres of beauty? and to think that it is worth spending a little bit more? In the end is an investment, like everything we do related to our body and our beauty.In the long run, everything we do for our bodies and our image now will be rewarded in the future.

We guarantee that when we are with you to clarify any queries you have about the placement of the extensions and, in addition, will share with you other alternatives so that you have in your possession all the information to make the decision that you are more interested. Because in addition to extensions of tabs, in Vanitas Espai you offer also the service of permanent and dye of tabs. In this post you will find a first approximation to this service.

So you know, my dear friend, if you want to have a look of cinema, broad, intense and unforgettable, one of those looks that speak without saying a Word, the solution is simple, and at the end, thanks to advances in aesthetics, is within your reach. A solution that is achieved when you put in the hands of true specialists, when you’re ready to indulge in the beauty center more pointer across Barcelona.

In just ninety minutes your eyes can change forever and in the most natural way. If you’ve always dreamed of having a look of Hollywood actress, now thanks to the eyelash extensions you can get it. Tab to tab will be able to have that look that you’ve always wanted to have. Find out in this video demonstration:

If you’re determined to take the step, call us. If you are doubting, call us and convince yourself of the advantages of Eyelash extensions. Finally, if you have a friend, family member or co-worker who might be interested this service, do not hesitate to get out to the “influencer” what’s in you and share with her this post and encourage you to come and see us.

In fact, ideally, you encouraged to accompany her. At the end, there’s nothing like enjoy the rituals of beauty in the company of a friend, right? Few things are as fun as the complicity among women. We wait for you!

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Permanent lip color

Permanent makeup for lips, eyes and eyebrows (color)

Permanent makeup also known as micropigmentation or tattoo aesthetic, you can eliminate the hassle of having to put makeup every day. Permanent makeup will not run or stain, and is excellent for people with allergies to traditional makeup, as well as for those who find it difficult to apply makeup. Below, learn more about the most popular types of tattoo aesthetic, including the permanent makeup for lips, eyes and eyebrows.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a form of tattoo that is applied pigment to the upper layer of the skin with a variety of methods, including the traditional machine for tattoo or coil machine or rotary pen, and manual. While permanent makeup may fade with time and require touch-ups in newspapers, it is considered permanent because the color cannot be removed.
To produce the desired results, permanent makeup usually requires one or more touch-ups after the initial application. For this reason, the majority of technicians includes the price of a procedure of retouching in the price of the app. The initial application of permanent makeup usually takes from one to two and a half hours, and touch-ups take much less time. The most common are permanent make up for lips, eyes and eyebrows;however, the tattoo aesthetic, also can be used to redefine facial features weak and camouflage scars on any part of the body.

Permanent makeup  eyes

The permanent makeup of eyes can be applied in various ways to contribute to enhance the eyes. Eyeliner, permanent eye is used to delineate the upper and lower eyelid, to create a delicate appearance, or define a line, or to any intermediate effect. The permanent shadow for eyes is available in various colors and can be applied according to different styles. Because the eye shadow is one of the types of permanent makeup more difficult to apply, it is important to choose a technician with experience.

Permanent makeup eyebrows

Permanent makeup can create the appearance of eyebrows populated and often is used to define, shape and fill in areas with thin eyebrows. Permanent makeup for eyebrows can also be used to simulate a pair of eyebrows fully populated in people who have lost all facial hair, often by chemotherapy and other medical conditions. An experienced technician can “emulate” the individual hairs of the brow and create a natural appearance.

Permanent makeup for lips

If you are tired of wearing lipstick several times a day, or are not happy with your thin lips or crooked permanent makeup for lips can give you fuller lips and defined. You can choose a shade that matches your lipstick favorite or a neutral tone to sport a natural look. Both the eyeliner as the pencil permanent lip can be applied in a variety of colors. If you are using a color more natural, can be applied equally to a pencil lip color, and permanent makeup for lips will keep the color from seeping out.When you apply a tone vivid, all that is needed is a subtle sheen to lips enhancement.
Permanent makeup for lips can add fullness, balance lips crooked or misaligned, and even attenuate wrinkles around the lips. However, caution must be used when applying permanent makeup to create fuller lips, as color that extends beyond the outer edge of the natural lips can cause unwanted results.

Cost of permanent makeup

The cost of permanent makeup is often directly related to the experience of the technician and the quality of service provided. You may pay more if the procedure is performed in the doctor’s office or in a specialized clinic instead of at a beauty salon or a spa. In general, a single procedure costs between $ 200 and $ 800, which must include at least one follow-up visit, and products for the care of the skin after the procedure. Some technicians may charge the sum of USD 250 per hour for work at an advanced level.

Risks and benefits of permanent makeup

Permanent makeup may be an option for people allergic to the make-up of traditional, as well as for people with problems of vision or motor function, which have difficulty applying makeup. Technicians with experience can achieve a very natural look through the appropriate application of permanent makeup.
Some risks associated with permanent makeup are the same as those of the tattoos on other parts of the body. Can cause bleeding during the procedure of tattooing, and it is common for the treated area inflammation, bruising and pain. The equipment for tattoo that is not well sterilized can cause infection and, although rare, some people may have an allergic reaction to certain shades of the ink of the tattoo aesthetic.Other risks are scarring, irregular around the tattoo, called keloids, and a possible interference with the magnetic resonance.
In general, dissatisfaction is the greatest risk factor associated with permanent makeup. If there is any possibility to change the colors and shapes of permanent makeup for lips, eyes and brows, and laser removal of tattoos can be an option, people who are considering permanent makeup you must remember that the goal is that the results last a lifetime.

Seek a cosmetic dermatologist with

It is extremely important to choose a technician with experience and qualified for the application of permanent makeup, because the results are permanent. If you are interested in permanent makeup for eyes, lips or brows, use the online directory DocShop of dermatologists experienced in the united States to find a cosmetic dermatologist in your area.


Areola Micropigmentation – New York

Micropigmentation of Areolas Breast is based on the reconstruction aesthetics of the areola and/or nipple of the breast of the woman.

Areola restoration is commonly known as medical tattooing and/or nipple tattooing.

Many of our patients resort to micropigmentation oncology as a solution to disguise the scars produced after overcome surgical procedures such as mastectomies or operations of breast augmentation.

  • To provide color to the area. Shades suitable to get results natural and realistic.
  • Total reconstruction: Indicated for women who have gone through a case of cancer of the breast.
  • Correction of asymmetries.
  • Correction of imperfections.

Micropigmentation Oncology NY– MicroStetic

In terms of Aesthetic Oncology, we work with the most recent developments regarding the reconstruction of areolas, and all over the relating to Micropigmentation Oncology and paramedical. In the area of areola breast, the reconstructive surgery has experienced an essential advancement and accompany exactly the same technique of Micropigmentation Oncology. The patient of Micropigmentation Oncology receives in Clinical MicroStetic USA the treatment to be thorough and personal that it deserves.

The treatment more order in the Micropigmentation Medical is the Micropigmentation Oncology, consisting of the reconstruction optics of the areola, breast/ nipple. The reconstruction optics of the areola and/ nipple is one of the treatments of Micropigmentation Oncology more demanded by women who have overcome micro breast cancer.

The uncomfortable and unsightly marks and scars can be corrected, with it being advisable before having consulted with the surgeon, a dermatologist, to find out the possible existence of keloids (can’t micropigmentar in the affected area). Every year more than 18,000 women suffer in Spain breast cancer, luckily, also gradually more and more women manage to overcome this disease and continue living. Unfortunately, the Spanish public health system only covers breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, but not the figure of the nipple as this, it is considered as something purely aesthetic.

In Clinical MicroStetic USA we offer the services of micropigmentation of eyebrows, lips and areolas breast patients who have already completed their cancer treatments (radiotherapy, chemotherapy) with the aim of recovering the features lost. Experts in permanent makeup we should strive to communicate and spread best among the public of how to be a micropigmentation quality. Thanks to the micropigmentation paramedical rebuild an areola new.

The micropigmentation is a technique that derives from the tattoo and consisting of introducing pigment under the skin through a dermógrafo. Treatment is semi-permanent.

The Micropigmentation Oncology cooperates in a large part with this medical work, which seeks to enable the patient impaired in some way to overcome your disease and try to be as previously it was, after undergoing many treatments and interventions, medical-surgical. The micropigmentation paramedical is used to progress each and every one of the inconveniences that you have had the patient after an illness.

The technique of micropigmentation derived from the tattoo, and consists of inserting a pigment under the skin with the help of a dermógrafo. The Micropigmentation Reconstructive is one that is used to advance and remove aesthetic imperfections, and anatomical.

Women who have been subjected to the procedure called a mastectomy (unilateral in 2 bands) following breast cancer and, later, the process of reconstruction and healing, they are able to look a chest aesthetic thanks to the redesign art of the structure of the nipple-areola, through the Micropigmentation oncology. Micropigmentation aesthetics optimal the beauty of our features, so that always and in all circumstances look your best look, natural and prudent. With the micropigmentation paramedical there is not a healing, but if it improves significantly the psychological attitude of the person. Our technical specialists are familiar with the particularities of the skin of the patients subjected to processes of chemotherapy.

Micropigmentation Paramedical NJ, NY, FL, LA

The micropigmentation paramedical covers multiple fields of which the most demanded is undoubtedly the reconstruction of areolas after a mastectomy. Micropigmentation is a solution in this situation. This application helps to regain the appearance of the areola with scars post-surgery after a breast reconstruction. In Clinical MicroStetic NJ we offer an extensive range of services, to recover of them in perfect conditions and as quickly as possible.

The areola is pigmentará at the end of the reconstructive surgery when the surgeon has placed the nipple. Micropigmentation is the huge ally in this situation. Other techniques of permanent makeup, such as micropigmentation of eyebrows, it can be very helpful for women who have to undergo chemotherapy treatment, in that it manages to simulate the hair of the eyebrows and pestañitas that will fall along the sessions of chemotherapy.

The Micropigmentation paramedical leaves repigment the area affected in order to conceal and hide blemishes and scars, leveling the area with the rest of normal skin.

The technique of micropigmentation is not indicated as treatment of chemotherapy, which should be made previously.

When you are diagnosed with this disease feel lost and it is the doctor who must give each and every one of the weapons necessary to be able to carry the disease as best as possible.

In Clinical MicroStetic USA conducted a prior dialogue with the patient, to perceive so activates the user and make key questions to the customer service open consciousness and to communicate clearly and openly what they truly seek, when you use us for micropigmentation. Customer service attend to the micropigmentation to beautify, freshened, compensate and harmonize the outlines of the countenance, the more there is to take into consideration that the treatment of micropigmentation it is a specialty aesthetics whose results are semi-permanent and therefore the color and the design applied and will continue in the time, being a critical overshoot with the tastes and needs of the user.

The micropigmentation is a tattoo intradermal that helps to regain the appearance of the areola strict after a breast reconstruction. However, it is very bearable and it has proven that the discomfort is much less than is generally imagined.