What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup New York

 Permanent makeup can not be defined as a simple tattoo. It is true that it has to do with the application of a pigment inside the skin, but combines skill, precision, good taste, experience and ethics to acquire a natural and lasting enhancement of the eyebrows, contour of the eyelids, Lips, and even serves to camouflage birthmarks or scars.

Permanent makeup NYC allows you to make thinner lines. Only an expert makeup artist is able to delineate the eyes or mouth with lines as thin as those that can be done with permanent makeup. This technique requires very good taste, since many of the women who use it remain as ‘gatas’, because they abuse the outlines. It’s not as easy as it sounds and that’s why not everyone can. Here are some restrictions.

– People with keloid scarring (the skin is bulging or sagging) can not do permanent makeup.

– The recommended age to do it is from the age of 18 and in any case parents’ authorization is required.

– For adolescents it is advisable to perform only a shading of lines in the eyes. The effect of thicker and thicker eyelashes is done first in the lower eyelid, and in the upper only if the type of eye allows. For example for deep eyes with broad upper eyelid.

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