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For lazy, for emotional, for busy, for sportsmen … Even for those who need some touch of correction. Dermography is a technique that can be extended to all facets of the face to limit itself to a simple and attractive mole.

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Even if you cry, laugh, eat, drink or immerse yourself in the pool your ‘eye liner’ and your lipstick will remain there with you, without abandoning yourself. What’s more, if your eyebrows are thin and without form, your eyelids are drooping or your lips are thin and asymmetrical.

Through this technique, which is also known as micropigmentation, permanent chromatic makeup or corrective makeup, can factually transform facial features without using the scalpel (Julie Ha).

The perfection and unalterability of both the design and the color of the makeup, make the current dermopigmentation an aesthetic option not insignificant. Natural and hypoallergenic pigments, suitable for almost the entire public, do not disperse or lose their color.

But, beware, permanent does not mean eternal. Its effects are not definitive, but they are immutable for at least two years, allowing fillings and reconstructions that lengthen its permanence. You can not ask for more!


In its development the introduction into the dermal tissue of granules of pigments of different tones is used with the help of microneedles that are handled connected to an electrical apparatus (dermograph) responsible for provoking the necessary reciprocating movements so that the pigment is deposited on the skin. Depending on which area you can also do manually.

What is really a prerequisite is that it is done by an accredited visagist who has extensive knowledge of colorimetry, the basic rules by which colors are governed.

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  • Eyebrows: Even men have realized the tremendous advantages of a few micropigmentation sessions. They use this technique both to draw and to shape the impoverished eyebrows, which is called as localized alopecias, this method can draw hair to hair to thicken it, lengthen it, disguise scars or even design a nonexistent eyebrow.
  • Lips: From correcting the fallen corners that saddens the gesture to create a absent and sensual cupid bow or fill them with color. All this is within reach of a single micropigmentation session.
  • Eyelids: When the eyelashes are short or poor, it is also possible to go to the micropigmentation to make a soft eye liner that performs the visual effect of thickening and lengthening the eyelashes and corrects at the same time the drooping of the eyelid.

This technique should not be confused with the tattoo or other methods, since both the products and the system used, as well as the duration of the obtained results are different.The dermopigmentation is right at the middle level between the technique of semi-permanent makeup and that of the tattoo.

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  • Semi permanent makeup: The definitive implantation of the pigment takes place in the stratum corneum of the epidermis (superficial layer of the skin) The duration is of approximately two weeks. This system is used temporarily to simulate tattoos or as a pre-test for dermopigmentation. It is done by the technique of scraping, which consists of peeling the horny surface of the skin through needles and pigment.
  • Dermopigmentation: The deposition of the pigments takes place in the subepidermal layer, that is in the basal germinative layer. The approximate duration is two years, although it will be the natural renewal of the layers of the skin, which determines the removal of the pigment. As it is a non-definitive method, it needs, over time, fills or reconstructions.
  • Tattoo: This is what is known as the stains drawn produced by non-soluble and poorly resorbable colored substances that are introduced by transepidermal route into the dermis. Then they are visible through transparency through the epidermal lamina. The final implantation of the pigment occurs at intradermal level and the duration is definitive.

Sessions: The dermography is adapted to each of the patients, as well as to the areas and problem to be solved. In all cases, a personalized preliminary diagnosis is indispensable . Before starting to perform the micropigmentation session tests are done to check the shape and color to be applied, then the treatment begins.


Nowadays the type of life that we carry becomes more and more active, and the woman of today demands more and more in her personal appearance, and the saving of time becomes a priority.

How about if you wake up every day? This will save you the time of daily makeup, you could sleep more and even have time to do the physical activity you want. Yes, this already exists and is called permanent makeup or micropigmentation, a technique that practically tattoo your skin but with color and makes it look like makeup.

Permanent makeup is basically a tattoo on the face that aims to cover some imperfections and highlight some parts of the face. It’s like a tattoo because it introduces pigments into the skin through a
Thin needle that will be responsible for painting the mouth, eyebrows or eyes.

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