These are the 10 things you should know before you make a permanent makeup

10 Tips for Girls Who Wear Makeup

For many women, permanent make-up is an excellent option, especially if they do not have much time to dedicate themselves to their daily personalization. Even some famous ones have been encouraged to try it, but not all people can make use of this resource because it depends a lot on the skin type, the age and the allergies.

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Also, before deciding if you are going to opt for this treatment or you should not be informed of some important points about its advantages and disadvantages, both your health and your personal image. Find out here.


1. Permanent makeup can help increase your lip contour. This way a surgery will not be necessary.

2. They are a good choice for those who have a fine eyebrow, giving them volume, or color, or shape.

3. Permanent makeup should not be done on freckles, warts, moles or any skin lesions.

4. It is also recommended for those who have scars, helping to disguise them. But remember, the wounds must be completely closed.

5. Before doing this you should do a little test to know if your skin is allergic to the pigments used in the treatment. It requires this test, so you can avoid any further infection.

6. After the treatment you will have a small scab in the area and a slight swelling. This is normal, it will happen with the days. But do not neglect.

7. Permanent makeup can be applied in areas with vitiligo, but it is always advisable to consult with a dermatologist.

8 . The treatment lasts between one year and a half and two years. After the deadline you can give some tweaks to keep it.

9. No one can do it. It is important that you check where you will do the makeup. In this way you protect your health and you take care of a bad practice.

10 . Avoid the sun if you have done the treatment. You could get stained.

And do not forget to consult with a trusted dermatologist to do a previous analysis. Remember that prevention is always better than regret.

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