5 Myths and Truths About Permanent Makeup

Any procedure that involves “putting your hand” on some area of ​​the face can arouse fears and controversy. Permanent makeup procedures are common today covering areas such as eyes, eyebrows and the outline of the mouth, in order to highlight the most pleasant features of the face permanently.

A woman with make-up over her eyes

Permanent makeup on the eyes is a way to take advantage of the positive features of this specific area permanently saving years of makeup and therefore money. With this procedure will improve or correct features of the body, using a natural process called micropigmentation similar to the process of tattooing to fix it on the skin.

The Myths and Truths of Permanent Makeup
Many women have rhythms of life so agitated that at times to maintain a routine of makeup becomes complicated, so they opt for this procedure of a merely aesthetic nature. Permanent eye delineation can arouse fears and prejudices regarding what will be the end result? This is due in part to those myths that hover around this. So let’s explain what those myths and truths behind permanent eye makeup are.

Myth 1: The makeup will look fake and forced
The truth: One of the biggest fears about this procedure is that it will look bad, false or bad taste, but it is the opposite, with micropigmentation the finish will be natural, so much it will look freshly applied, you will not have to worry about looking Arranged and made up at all times, this will do the work for you.

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Myth 2: Permanent makeup is forever!
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The truth: Calm, although the permanent word alarms you does not mean that this procedure will be forever, the pigments can last from 3 to 5 years maximum , if you feel at ease with the results you can use the retouching from time to time to sharpen the outline .

Myth 3: Conceals imperfections and also scars
The truth: This myth is completely real, with permanent makeup on the eyes or any other area of ​​the body will be easier to hide scars and imperfections to this is due to its high popularity.

Myth 4: Risk of losing your eyelashes
The truth: This procedure is not related to the loss of the eyelashes, it is something completely separate since the treatment is superficial.

Myth 5: Permanent makeup has future risks
The truth: Permanent make-up is only rare if it is not done in a specialized center with qualified personnel, that is why it is necessary that more than for the costs points to a good quality in the service. Infections, the appearance of granules and poor application are possible consequences of attending centers with little experience or dubious reputation. Be careful.

This procedure is ideal for women who want to look flawless at any time, who is bold and seeks to stand out. If you want to highlight your beauty, to wear a seductive look and give your face a youthful look do not hesitate to apply permanent makeup to your eyes.

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