Know all about permanent make-up

Well say that the eyebrows are the frame of the eyes; However, according to information from its function is to protect the eyes from external factors like sweat , water, dust, etc. One way to embellish your eyebrows is permanent makeup .

Permanent make-up is a good alternative for those women who have little eyebrows and for those who want to save time when it comes to grooming. Know the pros and cons of this aesthetic process.

1. You save time when you shave.
2. It is perfect for those women who are allergic to make-up chemicals .
3. Avoid making mistakes when you shave.
4. Disguises scars from the area.
1. It is a procedure that the time has to be retouched so that it is not worn and your eyebrows look without color or shape.
2. You run the risk that if it is not applied by a professional, the results are not of your total enjoyment and you have to wait some time to correct the problem.
3. You must take into account that the permanent eyebrow makeup is equal to a tattoo that only with aesthetic methods can eliminate if you wish.
4. You can cite some kind of allergy .
If you have already made the decision to use permanent eyebrow makeup, it is important that you go with a professional and verify that the place is certified to perform these procedures, otherwise you run the risk of not having satisfactory results and have health problems . Beware!

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