All about permanent makeup

About permanent makeup

All about permanent makeup

Permanent makeup technique arose from the traditional principles of a tattoo, the age makeup for a better definition of the strokes and even camouflage scars. The micropigmentação or permanent makeup is based on the application of inorganic pigments and hypoallergenic, with a view to better the lines and contours of the woman’s face. In addition, the carving is not used just to make up the eyes, eyebrows and lips, but also to fix possible flaws and scars on his face.

The technique most often used by permanent makeup is makeup for eyebrows, whose work is directed to wire mimicking natural hairs own eyebrown which makes it difficult to own customer and others distinguish which are the natural and the artificial hairs created from the carving. The procedure despite being performed with a micro needle causes no bruising, swelling and is practically painless.

How is made the permanent makeup?

The carving is done with a device called a demographer, this appliance has a needle in your end and the pigment is applied to the first layer of the dermis. Some people permanent makeup specialists make the application in the epidermis, but the result is not so satisfactory, because any pigmentation applied in the epidermis can completely disappear in thirty days. The pigments used in eyebrow is Glycerin-based, whose molecule does not exceed to the deeper layers of the skin.

permanent makeup

The carving is done with great care, as each region of the skin requires a type and an adequate amount of perforations. In some cases, the permanent makeup Touchup is essential, what can be done after 30 days after the application, as it is the minimum time for the skin to heal before being subjected again to a new procedure.

After the patient reach a satisfactory result, the maintenance of permanent makeup should be made only every three or four years, of course, will depend on each person’s care, for example, how often she goes to the pool, if Sun or using cosmetics with the acids.

Types of pigments for Makeup Difinitiva

Organic pigments: Has the vegetable-based and provides pigmentation with more vibrant colors, such as red. Generally, are used in the carving of the lips, but the body pigment can have up to 80% of rejection, causing the color to fade more easily, requiring a new application.

Inorganic pigments: the applications are based on iron or titanium dioxide, in this type of pigment colors are darker.

permanent makeup

Contraindications of permanent makeup

Patients who present any symptoms below may not be subject to the methods used in permanent makeup:

Hypertension, gout, diabetes, heart disease, cancerous tumors, epilepsy, AIDS, alcoholism, psychosomatic complications, hemophilia, leukemia, depression, anxiety, thrombosis, patients in treatment and people who did plastic surgery in less than a year.

Note on the permanent makeup

Women with dark skin require some special care in time to do the carving, due to the amount of melanin in this skin type. Especially in this case, the lip is a region virtually banned from performing the carving as it is in this region that focus more melanin, causing an excessive darkening with the application of pigments on the lips.

Before carving, make sure that the professional’s ability to perform the procedure, see if he or she has done recent courses on the subject and see if your courses have a good reputation in the market. Ask a friend or your known you’ve ever done the procedure, note if it’s well done, and if she liked it.

When you’re choosing a clinic to perform the procedure of pigmentation professional must explain to you exactly how it’s done the carving. Explaining the necessary care, healing processes, the colors more matches your skin tone and the method of use of needles so that there is no doubt later. Don’t forget to also require a test to see how your body reacts to the pigments so much time as after healing.

The tests are made with dots behind the ear or between the toes, because they are very sensitive areas. Once the test, it is necessary to wait 30 days to see how the skin reacts to the application of pigment.

Ask for the professional show you all the equipment that will be used in permanent makeup, where will be held the procedure should be impeccably clean. In addition, professionals and their potential must be properly equipped with auxiliary gloves, aprons, masks and caps. The needle of the procedure must be sealed and can only be opened at the time of application, do not accept needles that is not disposable.

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    I didn’t know that you could get permanent makeup done. That would be kind of cool not to have to worry about putting on makeup every day. That is cool that it came from the principles of a tattoo. It sounds like a great option to look into. Thanks for the information!


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