According to specialists, in the last five years Colombia has had an accelerated increase in aesthetic procedures that would “fix” in a matter of minutes subjects such as eyebrow scarcity, a delineate of eyes to hide the eyelashes of eyelashes that never re-emerged or camouflage A long-lasting make-up scar. Although some have achieved good results, others regret having undergone such treatments.

“Five months ago I decided to ‘tattoo’ my eyebrows at a hairdresser where they would color and comb my hair, because a friend of mine was very well. The truth is that during my adolescence I waxed them so much, to the point that they never grew back, and I was bored to paint them every day, “says María Ibarra, 33 years old.

But a month after she underwent permanent makeup, they began to fill with bladders, which faded for a while and reappeared. Days later her condition worsened and she decided to go to the business to demand an explanation, but they never gave her an answer, because the esthetician who practiced the procedure no longer worked there.

“That happened six months ago and although I am getting better, they give me severe pain and these bladders appear again accompanied by a slight inflammation. Some days I do not go anywhere because I feel sorry and they are treating me with corticoids. A dermatologist discovered a herpes in this area and that is why I was complicated the situation “, affirms the administrator of companies that works like head of human resources of a brand of feminine clothing.

But what is permanent makeup or dermopigmentation? Is it really safe? “These are cosmetic tattoos and they are getting more and more popular. The technique used to make them is dermopigmentation, which is basically the coloring of the skin, “say Carolina Serrano and Catalina Zambrano, managers of Fun2lash.
Unlike tattoos, dermopigmentation is a subepidermal technique. This means that it does not reach the deepest layer of the skin (the dermis) and therefore is semipermanent; Does not last for life, but after a few years you have to repeat the process.

What will you achieve? “It serves to attenuate imperfections. For example, when there is not a lot of hair on the eyebrows, either from a bad previous hair removal, a scar … Also used when the shape of the lips, for example, is not symmetrical or are very thin, “reveals Carolina . How is the procedure performed? With a pencil, the lines of the face or area to be treated are defined and then the pigment is applied. The session can last from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the surface and the level of detail that is required.

And several clients are satisfied with this type of procedures like Blanca Terrazas Gómez. “In March I made the decision to get a permanent eyelid outline. I searched and there were several places, but it gave me security that I chose because the previous designs that I did liked, the treatment with which they care and care about preventing infections. I phoned to make an appointment, around 3:30 pm they made a valuation, I designed eyebrows and lips, even my mom also painted them and liked them, so they were also outlined. I got an appointment at two months to make me upper eyelid, bottom and light line and I’m happy, “he says.

Garage Hairdressers Vs. Responsible aesthetic centers?

The key to success in this type of procedure could be to go to a place that has the necessary permits and to choose specialists in the subject. Dr. Ángel Camilo Peñaranda, a dermatologist at the Javeriana University, advises that “before performing any process of micropigmentation it should be kept in mind that the pigments are not hypoallergenic and that the specialist is qualified to perform such procedures since a hypertrophic scar can occur Or severe dermatitis, “says the doctor, who confesses that he is not a fan of these procedures.

“I have seen many patients who have been left with tattoos irregular or badly made and although it is a very good alternative because women do not have to be tinkering every day and look very well presented and others are allergic to makeup and can not use it daily , Must take into account that once you do, you can not remove it and as any tattoo can carry with it problems and fall into the hands of inexperienced people, “completes the doctor Santandereano.

It is very important to note that pregnant women, oncology patients, patients with diabetes, and patients with coagulation problems can not undergo dermopigmentation. Neither can those who have active herpes in the area to be treated. To prevent infection, accelerate healing and to ensure quality within 7-10 days after the long-lasting make-up procedure, avoid any heat treatment – bath, sauna, massage, solarium, warm, swim in pools or consume alcoholic drinks.

Very well guarded

Although the Ministry of Health of Bogotá tries to contain the growing wave of aesthetic clinics or doctors without the necessary licenses, it does not have statistics that give us the exact proportion of the problem, although everything indicates that it increases at high speed. According to data, currently the surveillance and control area of ​​the entity advances 106 investigations against health clinics for malpractice in surgeries or cosmetic treatments.

Juan Fernando Pedroza, an environmental health professional at the Cali Health Ministry, says businesses such as hairdressers, beauty parlors and beauty centers appear daily and in any neighborhood. “They are easy to assemble businesses that can move equipment and flee from any problem that comes to them. Some do not even have notice, they work in houses or apartments and the clientele comes by references, “he explains.

Trade, personnel that do not comply with the required training and the accomplishment of invasive procedures (that is, those that cross the barrier of the skin) are not necessarily what cause bleeding, because some like the ultraviolet rays do not generate injuries but yes burns) .

“When salons practice procedures such as vacumterapia, carboxitherapy or permanent makeup, they are no longer considered beauty parlors and must be constituted as an IPS that should have a doctor specialized in aesthetic medicine,” says Pedroza.

5 maximum if you decide to do it

1. Verify that needles and implements are sterilized because infections or allergies can be acquired. If you have very sensitive skin can cause scars.

2. Choose the correct outline according to the type of face.

3. Schedule the appointment when you do not have the menstrual period because at that time the woman is more sensitive. It also influences the threshold of pain that each person has.

4. Observe regulatory care such as applying Vaseline, avoid exposure to the sun, constantly cleaning the area, do not ingest foods with high sodium content because they facilitate the retention of fluid and thus inflammation.

5. On average, it lasts for five years and at least every three years it is necessary to make touches, which last less time.

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