An International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics Alumni Testimonial

I wanted to send you a note and let you know how much I have enjoyed getting to know you and taking your classes. When I started in the business (2002) I took the typical 60 hour course and thought I was ready to go. I really did OK but I always felt the need to get to know more of the fundamentals, the medical side and terminology, just the more advanced part of what we do. I worked for several years in a salon and a little over a year ago I took some time off to be with my kids.

After deciding to start doing permanent cosmetics again I felt for myself and my clients that I had a responsibility to go back to school and further my knowledge. There was no question where I was going to go. I had heard so many great things about you and your institute and that was the only place I considered. The first time I came and spent three days one on one with you and my model was amazing. I realized you can never stop learning and I had found the trainer who could teach me more than I thought I could put in my brain in those three days. I am so impressed at how much you know and how you are able to teach in a way that is (for those of us who don’t understand the chemistry, all the medical side) easy for us to understand and actually apply while working on the models.

When I decided to return to your classes only three months later for four more days in a group class. I was a little nervous about being in a group. But my concerns were relieved with in minutes of the class starting. I love that you keep the classes so limited to the amount of students. It was actually nice to have the other women in class and learn from them. Having a nurse in the class was great because she asked questions (that you always knew the answers to!!) that the rest of us would not even know to ask. So one on one with you or in a class if have gained so much.

I am sending this because so many times we forget to take the time to let someone know what they have done for us. I am now going to work in the premier cosmetic surgeon? ?!”s office in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is like the Dr. 90210 of Scottsdale!! I never thought I would have an opportunity like this. Because of my training with you and the fact that you always take my phone calls to answer any questions I may have I have the confidence to go into this office without any fears.

You may not even realize how you have helped me take my career to the next level. I want to thank you for that.

I hope you don’t mind but I have officially made you my mentor!!!

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