Beginning Course Unlimited Open-Door Refresher Policy

Graduates of IIPC’s Comprehensive Introductory Training Course may return to any of the six days of the introductory class – as many times as is needed – for an entire year following the date of the original 6-day course. When graduates return, they are encouraged to bring in models so our instructors may observe and critique their post-graduation permanent cosmetics applications.

In order to work on a model when returning to IIPC, graduates must: have the appropriate paper work completed (model releases, etc.); have an insurance policy with our name on it (IIPC Susan Church); and come equipped with his/her own supplies and equipment. (A $125.00 chair charge will apply for each procedure performed.) Our instructors will observe and critique the permanent make-up applications of returning graduates, and will work with them to correct any adverse techniques or habits that may have formed post-graduation.

Our graduated students take advantage of the opportunity to return to IIPC to work on models with our supervision and to reinforce the training and information given in the introductory course. We find that students most frequently return to the class session that deals with color theory. IIPC offers this option because we feel it is important that graduates feel entirely comfortable with their knowledge, skills and applications. We strongly encourage all graduate students to return to IIPC’s and take advantage of these opportunities to better themselves and their skills.

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