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Eyebrow Tattoos: Advantages and Disadvantages of Eyebrow Tattoo

The eyebrows come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, we can see eyebrows that are thicker than others and some with hairs thicker than others, but regardless of the size or shape, the eyebrows are one of the main traits that define the general appearance of our face, so highlight them, and help them fit in a way harmonizes our face is vital in order to look better.

Keep our perfect eyebrows for the majority of women require of a hair removal to give you a better shape to your eyebrows or remove the excessive hair and then the necessary tools to make up your eyebrows the perfect shape, however there are people who are born with eyebrows very claritas and thin, they even make the eyebrows not manage to give the face harmony that you need.

And while the makeup helps a lot, sometimes we can see ourselves with the drawback that we have little time to put make-up on, we have to go to the gym to swim and then we went out with the makeup smudged and without eyebrows… for cases like there is the technique of permanent makeup eyebrows or tattooed eyebrows.

eyebrows tattoo

What is the tattoo eyebrows?

As we already know, the tattoos in any part of the body are permanent so a tattooed brow would not be the exception, although the tattooed eyebrows is rather micro-pigmentation cosmetics, which is made right in the area of the eyebrows to give the effect of having a few eyebrows perfectly made up, saving us the inconvenience of maquillarlas on a daily basis.

While many people think of performing this type of procedure can be very dramatic, it is the ideal technique for those people who have almost no eyebrows or who in his youth if they had but that with the passing of the years, their eyebrows have been steadily losing its strength, its color and its thickness.

Although the technique is known as “permanent Makeup eyebrows”, this type of makeup is not completely permanent in many cases, for some people it may be necessary to touch-up maybe two years, all depending on the technique that the professional use.

Take into account that if you submit yourself to this beauty treatment you’ll have to find a beautician and not a place where you get tattoos, EYE! Do not let yourself go just because you hear the word “tattoo” in the sentence, as a tattoo of the eyebrows should be performed by a professional that shape the makeup of the way that most benefits the shape of your face, otherwise you could have results at all pleasant.

Procedure for getting your eyebrows tattooed

After having well-informed about the clinic in which you do the procedure and its professionals, will have come to the appointment in which you do the tattoo.

The manager began making a pattern that goes according to the face type you possess and the kind of eyebrow you would like to have, it will make a small sample in a light color and after that you show it to know if you approve.

If you have passed then it will start the phase of actual design, which can have a duration of approximately one or two hours depending on the charge and the type of technique that you are using.

During the procedure the pigment into the top layer of your skin to go by coloring and giving shape to your eyebrow, the process is not as complicated although by the same area for many people it can be a bit painful.

To be slightly uncomfortable and you may experience redness in the area, in addition to a bit of inflammation.

If you get scared you can ask before you make the procedure if the doctor usually occupy or not some type of local anesthesia to perform the tattooing of eyebrows. There will be people that if they use anesthesia on their patients and others do not, so it is best to find out well.

You will notice that you just made the tattoo the eyebrows will look quite dark, but don’t worry as that’s an average of two weeks your eyebrows to heal and the color of the eyebrows that you have chosen will be more visible.

Benefits of having your eyebrows tattooed!

There are many benefits of this incredible technique, and that is why more and more women are joining this trend of beauty, among the benefits, we can find the following:

1. You will save a lot of time

The eyebrows will be one less worry at the time you apply your makeup in the morning, it doesn’t matter if you rose late and you do not feel like applying your makeup, you can go and smack you with a fast make-up without touching the eyebrows because they’re already perfect.

2. Make your eyebrows more noticeable

If you are one of those who do not wear make-up the eyebrows, but you’re eyebrows are very thin and scarce that it is almost not noticeable, then this may be your solution.

3. Avoid the eyebrows are deleted

Typical that these in the gym, running or in the club dancing and sweating the makeup of your eyebrows is cleared, What a horror!, with a permanent makeup eyebrows, you will not have these problems.

Disadvantages of having your eyebrows tattooed!

Although we already saw that there are many benefits of having eyebrows permanent, we also have to analyze some disadvantages that we may encounter especially if we do not choose our aesthetic clinic.

1. Results are not expected

If you do not choose an aesthetic clinic that you know that is recognized for its good work and you are going to a place of low reputation just because you charge less money, it may be that the results are not natural or conducive to as well as the shape of your face, as you wished.

2. Not be deleted easily

To delete a makeup, eyebrow permanent, is not easy, and usually the price of this is usually the double or triple of what you could cost you to do it, not to mention that it is much more painful.

Price of a tattoo of eyebrows

Generally the prices vary depending on the technique that the professional use, the color and the thickness of the type of eyebrow you would like to have, however at present the prices can be found in the following manner, depending on the country

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