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If the title of the blog post catches your attention and you think “Eyelash extensions? How? But that there is let us tell you, dear friend, that need to get a day and refer to our blog more often.

A few years ago caused furor hair extensions and many women dared to take the step. To accounts, how many and how many women are dissatisfied with our hair and wish to have more quantity and look more healthy.

Sure you know more than one who takes them or carried; maybe even yourself. And is that hair extensions are a great and revolutionary invention has done a little happier to women around the world.


Today, as always happens, the revolution comes from the hand of a very simple aesthetic advance in your concept: the eyelash extensions. We say that the concept is simple because, in the background, is lengthen and thicken eyelashes, something that the majority of countries women make many years.

However, if the eyelash extensions have taken so long in create and gain a foothold among the services that offer some beauty centers, the most exclusive, which naturally Vanitas Espai include, it is because to create it is not as easy or as intuitive as it might seem.

In fact, to understand that the eyelash extensions are something absolutely delicious you just have to look at the following: to extend and expand tabs to infinity always have relied on the mascara (and in the power of certain swaying brushes) and false eyelashes.

It seemed that there was no choice, right? Indeed innovative in the mascara (remember when arrived to the market “waterproof masks?”) and brushes, but little more. Probably none of us raised more options.But the truth is that they have arrived.

Lash extensions nyc

Eyelash extensions have become, Yes, although not everywhere. In Vanitas Espai are pioneers in offering this service in Barcelona. To achieve this, our professionals have specialized in the application of Eyelash extensions. Experts are that much when it comes to applying them and choose the type of individual tab that best adapts to each eye, depending on the length, thickness and curvature of the original tab.

We would like, at this point, to thank all those clients who have been in our hands to date. When no one in Barcelona offered the service of Eyelash extensions, we started to do it. Because we believed that it was a breakthrough that was worth to incorporate our services. In fact, from the first moment in which we hear about extensions of tabs we saw it clear. There was, then, much distrust and ignorance on the matter, as it is to be expected.

Many of our customers asked us information, more out of curiosity than by genuine interest to get them (in the background, there was also some concern regarding this), until little by little were encouraging. Curiosity could the cat, as they say. And then everything just came. Word that in Vanitas Espai we put Eyelash extensions and did it in a way that the result was quite natural and long lasting spread. So more and more women were encouraged to try it. And since then they have not stopped doing so.

If we could count the number of Eyelash extensions that we have put, one by one, they would have by thousands. Because we put them one by one, Yes. That’s the reason I put in Vanitas Eyelash extensions is much more expensive to put them somewhere else, sincerely.

Quiet, the last sentence of the previous paragraph we have written to consciousness. We are more expensive, Yes. But is that the work that involves the placement of the extensions and with the quality of the materials we use, the truth, may not charge less. We are aware that certain premises of beauty in Barcelona offer this service at half price and, even, at a price that slash the ridiculous, but what you want than you say, friend… The cheap comes out expensive. Beware of those who offer a service which lasts an hour and a half, ninety minutes, for a few euros.

Price of Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions is a craft, as make bobbin lace or make thumbnails, so it is feasible that a beauty center ask for you, for example, 30 Euro for this service. Simply can not be. Unless you are not paying the employee that is getting them or used materials of dubious quality, isn’t it?Otherwise it is not understood…

But let us focus in us and in our way of working, that is what matters. When you come to Vanitas Espai to get your beautiful Eyelash extensions, you charge what you have to charge. Neither more nor less. The price is fixed according to the demands of work, the duration thereof and of superior quality extensions that we put. In Vanitas Espai are placed one by one, with a special hypoallergenic adhesive.

The advantage of this technique is that we guarantee that the tabs are loose and long, natural, not lumpy and softens as happens when placed in small groups tabs (practice, for certain, unfortunately too extended.) De_hecho, if you look, you’ll discover that some other woman to your around has tabs that look like a bunch…).

Our Eyelash extensions can be immersed in normal and can makeup if you wish, although of course are so beautiful that you will not need it.Moreover, one of the main objectives of the eyelash extensions is that the woman who put them forget to fully have to make-up and be able to save those minutes and devote them to something else.

Finally, with your Vanitas Espai Eyelash extensions you can lead a completely normal life and wear a more broad, intense and dramatic look without makeup on a daily basis. You are invited to ask for appointment and come to see us at our Center of beauty in the heart of Barcelona.

Duration of the placement of the eyelash extensions

It took us to place them ninety minutes, as you said, but they’ll last quite. The duration of the extension is directly linked with the life cycle of your natural Eyelash, i.e., between three and four weeks, as you already have in another post. At that time your natural Eyelash ages, is clear and, with it, the extension you have placed also falls. But, quiet, regenerate, eh, just like hair.

After reading all this, to what already understand why our Eyelash extensions are more expensive than in other centres of beauty? and to think that it is worth spending a little bit more? In the end is an investment, like everything we do related to our body and our beauty.In the long run, everything we do for our bodies and our image now will be rewarded in the future.

We guarantee that when we are with you to clarify any queries you have about the placement of the extensions and, in addition, will share with you other alternatives so that you have in your possession all the information to make the decision that you are more interested. Because in addition to extensions of tabs, in Vanitas Espai you offer also the service of permanent and dye of tabs. In this post you will find a first approximation to this service.

So you know, my dear friend, if you want to have a look of cinema, broad, intense and unforgettable, one of those looks that speak without saying a Word, the solution is simple, and at the end, thanks to advances in aesthetics, is within your reach. A solution that is achieved when you put in the hands of true specialists, when you’re ready to indulge in the beauty center more pointer across Barcelona.

In just ninety minutes your eyes can change forever and in the most natural way. If you’ve always dreamed of having a look of Hollywood actress, now thanks to the eyelash extensions you can get it. Tab to tab will be able to have that look that you’ve always wanted to have. Find out in this video demonstration:

If you’re determined to take the step, call us. If you are doubting, call us and convince yourself of the advantages of Eyelash extensions. Finally, if you have a friend, family member or co-worker who might be interested this service, do not hesitate to get out to the “influencer” what’s in you and share with her this post and encourage you to come and see us.

In fact, ideally, you encouraged to accompany her. At the end, there’s nothing like enjoy the rituals of beauty in the company of a friend, right? Few things are as fun as the complicity among women. We wait for you!

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