How much is microblading

Microblading: last treatment against the eyebrows unpopulated

How much is microblading

Would you like to redraw your eyebrows, but the hair transplant seems excessive and micropigmentation doesn’t convince you. Now there is another alternative: ‘microblading

We know the importance of the eyebrows to frame the eyes. We know that choosing your profiling, your design is going to be determining at the time of grant, or other expression to our face. That’s why, all those women who have had the bad leg to see how their eyebrows were depopulating and losing their old thick sigh when they see those of Cara Delevingne or Gigi Hadid.
Behind this problem there are causes are very diverse: from the passing of the years until the excess clamp, passing by skin lesions, diseases such as hypothyroidism or treatments such as chemotherapy. Up to now, the cosmetic solutions were basically three: the strengthening of eyebrows that have shown its effectiveness after the ‘chemo’-, micropigmentation and hair transplant. This is, without a doubt, an invasive technique reserved for ‘brave’; as to the micropigmentation, it is still a tattoo: long-lasting on the skin and their results, in many cases, little, natural, stack-to-back, many women who do not take risk with a result slightly flattering in a place as visible as your face. Now comes another technique, the ‘microblading’, whose effects last less time. It would be, perhaps, a first step before resorting to micropigmentation and a solution for when the eyebrows are moderately depopulated, not bald.

Microblading‘ has its origin in the ‘tébori’, a technique of tattoo handbook native to Asia (Japan and China), where the pigment or ink is implanted in the epidermis , avoiding its deterioration. Throughout the TWENTIETH century has enjoyed great popularity in several countries of Latin America, such as Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Venezuela. Now, as we say, you’ve just landed in Spain.

“The treatments of micropigmentation traditional ‘tattooed’ eyebrows, but the pigment deteriorates in a short time, and end up appearing greenish tones of blue, or even pink and orange. However, with the ‘microblading’ the colour remains stable”, says Claudia di Paolo, Beauty Hunter and owner of the space Claudia di Paolo Shop, which includes a bar of eyebrows and eyelashes. Yes, if you have hypothyroidism you should refer to your case before giving you the treatment, because it is possible that the color is not set well and last for less time.
First performed a study of the physiognomy facial and is made in the proper design. Then, the treatment is performed freehand and with an instrument similar to a pen or pen manual’ –in the place of dermógrafo that is used in micropigmentation–, which is deposited on the pigment stroke to stroke, and following the technique of the hair to hair.This pigment –specific ‘microblading‘, – type inorganic, mineral based and hypoallergenic– it’s at the level of the epidermis, or superficial, unlike what happens in the ‘micro’, which is inserted between the layers of the epidermis and the dermis.The duration of treatment for eyebrows complete is about 45 minutes andthe healing process is faster, being a surface treatment.

The results: “The goal is to raise a few eyebrows natural and defined, with more thickness,” says the expert. Well done, can make visually eyes bigger and more expressive, so as to balance the factions by providing symmetry to the face. And something more: it is less painful than a micropigmentation. Yes, since this is a new technique, our advice is that you inform yourself well before on the training and formation of the person that you are going to do.
Duration: between one year and a year and a half, according to age, skin type and the proper follow-up care post-treatment.

Sessions: after more or less one month of the session, it is recommended to perform a second review session or retouching, to refine the result.
Price: between 180 and 350$



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