How Safe is Permanent Makeup?

Red lips, perfectly arched eyebrows and well-delineated eyes all waterproof, just indelible are the promises of permanent makeup

For those people with few eyebrows or no eyebrows or for women who want to say goodbye to their lipstick and eyeliner brush for several years permanent makeup is an option.

More than a makeup procedure is a cosmetic tattoo in which the specialist injects, in the top layer of the skin with a needle colored pigments.

Before proceeding to the procedure contact people who have done the same procedure with the specific technician, requires seeing before and after photos. The esthetician should preferably come recommended or endorsed by a cosmetologist surgeon. The technician should wear gloves and sterilized equipment.

First a test should be performed to see if you are allergic to the substances to be used, then the color of the makeup is selected with the advice of the technician.

With a special sterilized pen for such procedure the technician will draw a sketch on the eyebrows, eyes or lips and apply an anesthetic on the area to be tattooed to numb the skin.

The technician will apply the pigment of color with small pickets of the needle, that for people little resistant to the pain they are quite painful.

It takes 3 weeks to see the true results as the color will fade in this time. Finishing the procedure the color will look bright and more obscure of how it will remain permanently. It is normal. The surrounding tissue will turn red and swollen.

Cold compresses and an ointment with antibiotics should be applied to prevent infection. For several weeks no sunlight and use sunscreens. Complications are uncommon but allergic reactions and infections can occur.

The procedure performed by a specialist is relatively safe but in the last years any unskilled person offers the service so care

The most popular among permanent make-up is eye delineation followed by eyebrows and lips.

Retouching is required after the procedure not before one month and after three years.

The allergic reaction may not be immediate because the body reacts differently to foreign bodies years later there may be immunological problems

Watch out for CT scans as the metal in the pigment reacts to radiation.

Other procedures such as eyelid or cheekbones are offered but the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) in Goldsboro, NC totally opposes these procedures in eyelids and cheekbones because if something goes wrong the area is so large that reconstructive surgery would be needed Face to fix it.

If you leave the beauty salon with a hairstyle that you do not like you wash your hair and but remember but this procedure is permanent.

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