10 Tips for Girls Who Wear Makeup

Are you a girl who wears makeup for any occasion?

By: Deysi Rodríguez ( La Roodriguez )

Here we give you ten beauty tips to keep in mind

If you go to makeup, the first thing that you have to do is prepare your skin, that is, perform a deep cleaning. Learn how to do it with this tutorial. Clean your face step by step

When it comes to makeup choose the colors that go according to the tone of your skin, and the season, winter, spring or summer.

We recommend using brushes to make up, so you make your make up perfect.

If you are going to copy a certain makeup from a celebrity or some tutorial, make sure it goes with your style.

If you go to the gym we recommend “NO” to use makeup, so take care of your skin .

In that case we recommend you visit this note, you will be interested: Makeup.vs gimasio, the good and the bad

With a brow draw and a little mascara is enough.

Have you heard of the phrase less is more? Well, when it comes to make-up put them into practice, do not abuse the makeup products, if it’s day opts for a natural make up.

Do not spend a lot of money on makeup, we suggest you buy products that you will use on more than one occasion.

From time to time he chooses to look washed. This will help your pores in your face become oxygenated.

It’s never too much to say , do not forget to take off your makeup before going to sleep , if you do not do this, you will see spots and

Signs that will not benefit you at all.

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