Makeup for every occasion

Makeup for every occasion

The choice of tones to make up is very important to get the desired result for every occasion whether it is for the office, a wedding and an evening party.

Wapa s here are some tips for these makeup

How to make-up to go to the office

In this case you have to use makeup to give a serious and professional image , but without attracting attention and according to the professional scope.

The look, in general, will depend on the type of work, but there are some general guidelines that can be taken into account.

1. Base . Hide dark circles and blemishes with color corrector. Apply a natural base that matches the skin tone, choose a matte variety to avoid glare.

2. Eyes . Delineate your eyes to make them stand out, but follow the line of the eyes without blurring. Use neutral shades in the shades and eyelash mask in dark brown or soft black.

3. Blush . Peach blush or rose-peach blush is perfect. Apply it gently on the cheekbones with a brush.

4. Lips . Matte pink to lightly highlight the color of the lips. Another option is the lip gloss that maintains natural lips, but without attracting attention.

Makeup for a wedding

Tricks to be dazzling as a guest at a wedding without overshadowing the bride.

It is necessary to adapt the look to the place where the celebration takes place, there are very daring options for the ceremonies in the field or on the beach.

– Look of day . Natural face, cheeks with color and rosy lips or coral. If you bet on a nude style look, make your lips the protagonists. The makeup can be in pink tones and red lips or even in fuchsia tones.

– Look at night . Choose between emphasizing your eyes or your lips. To emphasize the look (especially if you wear a headdress with a grid on the face) uses silver, gold, black and gray tones; Or even smokey eyes , in this case the nude lips are the best combination. For striking lips use red and burgundy and keep your eyes clean and your cheeks natural.

Night Makeup

The darkness allows for a more intense makeup, you can use metallic tones or even a touch of brightness .

1. Base . The base of makeup on the face should be natural to cover imperfections, so that the look is the protagonist.

2. Eyes . In the eyes is the time to use smokey eyes , flashy colors and almost any type of makeup that you can think of. Special importance of eyeliner.

3. Lips . In this case the lips should be natural and in light tones. For dark skin better browns and oranges, and for whites, roses and neutral tones.

Another option may be false eyelashes, which give your makeup the glamor necessary for a party. The easiest option is to choose a strip, if you lack experience.

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