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Features of profession Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup is, in essence, one of the cosmetic means. And its application is a cosmetology service, which consists in the fact that a specialist introduces special dyes into the upper layers of the skin with a special needle.
This makeup is becoming more popular, because it lasts a long time.

tatouageTattoo is one of the names of permanent makeup. Another version of the name: contour makeup, micropigmentation.

With its help, you can hide the flaws of the exterior and emphasize the most attractive features: make eyeliner, give a certain shape to your lips, draw a line of eyebrows. In other words, make the contours and shades of the face ideal.

Industry leading Permanent Makeup Artist and Microblading Expert, performing eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip treatments alongside medical tattooing.

Most often, women turn to the tattoo master. When the client comes to the consultation, the master helps her to make a choice. For example, a lady wants to add luminosity and plumpness to her lips.
Together with her, the master chooses the color of the pigment, the technique of applying (with shade or without), draws a sketch of the future makeup. Finds out whether there are contraindications to health, explains how to care for the skin after the procedure.
The sketch of the future work should be liked by both the client and the master, because the master as a professional evaluates how much this or that form and color is suitable for a particular customer. When the sketch is selected, the master can start applying the pigment.
After three weeks, the procedure is repeated – the master corrects, achieving an irreproachable result.

The master is responsible not only for the aesthetic result, but also for the client’s health. In order not to infect the infection in the wound, the tool and the master workplace must be clean. The master has the right to work only in sterile disposable gloves with sterile disposable needles.

The very craft of tattooing does not require long training. However, for this it is already desirable to have some professional base.
It is believed that the best masters are obtained from professional cosmetologists and people with medical education.

In the process of training, future tattoo masters work first on the mannequin, practicing the setting of hands. And then – on real clients, although under the supervision of a mentor.
Already acting masters are constantly upgrading their skills in courses to keep up with new technologies, work with the latest materials.
Continuing to keep themselves in a professional tone helps and championships among masters of tattooing. For example, since 2002 the Open Championship of Russia on permanent makeup “Contour of the Century” has been held.

It involves specialists with at least 1 year experience. It’s not just a match. This is an opportunity to show oneself, to see how others work, to meet colleagues, to evaluate new technologies and trends of fashion.

In general, the profession of tattoo master can be called female, as well as the profession of a cosmetologist. And yet, there are men in this sphere too. Although they are not so many, as among the masters of artistic tattoos.


The place of work of the master of tattooing can be both a beauty salon and a specialized tattoo parlor.

Important qualities

The profession of the master of tattooing assumes responsibility, good taste, a sense of form and proportions, accuracy, good eye, good color perception, penchant for working with hands, good fine motor skills.
You also need to be a sociable person, be able to have people to yourself. The very appearance of the master should inspire confidence in clients: negligence, lack of care, coldness – all this interferes with the work.

Severely impaired vision, diseases of the musculoskeletal system (especially if they affect the strength and mobility of the fingers) in this profession are contraindicated.

Knowledge and skills

The tattoo master should be able to use the equipment, know the sanitary rules of the work, know the properties of the various pigments, imagine what allergic reactions they can cause, own various techniques for applying them.

Where to learn

A certificate for the specialty “permanent makeup” can be obtained at special courses. And then periodically improve their skills in courses and master classes.

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