Microblading aftercare

Microblading aftercare


The client type, requesting this beauty treatment, tends to respond to the following profile: middle-aged, an affluent woman half presenting uneven eyebrows in terms of its shape and thickness. It is also very common to deal with cases where there is a loss of hair on any part of the eyebrow (due to reasons relating to the age and the passage of time, or, any injury or medical treatment, as for example, chemotherapy). In General, we set the following client groups:

1- Partial or total alopecia.

2- Conversion of micropigmentation compact eyebrows on eyebrows hair to hair.

3- Hair loss (chemotherapy, skin disorders, scars, marks or lesions in the area of the eyebrows, etc.).

In short, we are before a client that it is not satisfied with her look, and resorts to a beauty professional in search of a solution to recover this lost self-esteem. We, as professionals, we must act at all times with responsibility, honesty and diligence, listening to the customer’s needs, and trying to provide the best solution at all times.


Professional can perform the treatment between 1 to 2 hours aprox. Therefore, the duration of the work is less than in micropigmentation. The duration of the results, as noted above, oscillates around 1 year, although it is difficult to predict accurately, since the fixing will depend on numerous factors both professional (technical, experience, materials, etc.) and the client (type of skin, age, previous care compliance, follow-up care, etc.).


If the treatment is properly practiced, results have a high level of realism and spontaneity. Unlike micropigmentation, pigment is implanted in the epidermis, the most superficial layer of the skin. This factor makes the stroke of hair sharper, compared with designs of micropigmentation. Both men and women, an effect increase of eyebrows in more sparsely populated areas, allowing to look more uniform and attractive eyebrows that enhance the beauty of the look is achieved. The most obvious advantages of applying this technique are as follows:
-Eyebrows natural and defined, regardless of the type of eyebrow (thin, thick, curved, sharp, etc.), and the degree of presence of hair.

-Correction of the effect eyebrow depopulated, caused by various factors (age, skin lesions, diseases, chemotherapy, etc.).

-Finishing of the result makes it possible to look ideal eyebrows at any time regardless of the occasion.

-Forget the make-up of eyebrows. It avoids the need of daily make-up eyebrows.
The length of the result is hard to predict, but is usually close to the year-long (varies depending on the age, type of skin, technique and experience of the professional quality of the products used, follow-up care after treatment, etc.).


Care prior to the execution of this treatment are very simple and are shown below.
-Do not take medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen 24 hours prior to treatment.

-Avoid ingesting alcohol, coffee, tea and other stimulants.

-If the treatment performed during the days of menstruation in women, the client will be on a higher State of sensitivity to pain, and you may experience some uncomfortable feeling. Keep that in mind.


The realization of this beauty treatment is contraindicated in individuals who meet one or more of the following conditions:

Cardiovascular diseases and problems of heart, pregnancy, epilepsy, psoriasis and skin irritations, application of botox in the previous 3 months, and people immersed in processes of chemotherapy (see a medical specialist in advance). In women with diabetes and thyroid, its realization is not advisable since the pigment could degrade more easily according to the course of time.


Some women feel some annoying sensations, while there are other customers claiming to not notice any discomfort. As a surface treatment, the client just feel pain during the session. Fortunately, the eyebrow area has a low number of nerve endings as compared to for example, eyes and lips. In addition, the topical application of soothing cream emla, helps make lighter work. Therefore the possible pain sensations are virtually non-existent.


One of the advantages of the semi-permanent make-up is rapid healing of the skin. This is the reason that the care required are rather few and easy to meet.
-Care to meet after the first 10 days after the session, is to protect the eyebrows from external aggressions, which could lead to the fall of the crust where the pigment implanted.

-During the first week, avoid exposure of the area to strong sunlight.

-Also it is recommended that the skin does not enter in contact with chlorinated water (swimming pools, jacuzzi, Spa, etc.), since the treated area is somewhat vulnerable, and we should avoid that it is overexposed to potential infectious agents.

-Avoid make-up eyebrows, and apply creams or cosmetics during the first 10 days. On the other hand, it is not essential, but recommended, try not to sleep face-down during 10 days of service.
-Do not be aggressive treatments in the area, such as for example, application of botox, Microdermabrasion for the first month.

-Avoid to go to saunas in the 10 days after the treatment. A high level of sweating degrade the pigment color.

After a period of close to 1 year time, it is highly recommended to make a tweak of the treatment. Thus, pigment implanted on eyebrows will maintain the correct level of saturation and fixing.

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