Microblading Course New York

Microblading Course | Microblading Training NYC

Don’t miss this great opportunity to train as a Microblading artist at Waverley Academy  USA number 1 Beauty Academy. Complete your training with the reassurance of a company that’s delivering quality education for over 22 years. Microblading is also referred to as micro pigmentation, semi permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing.

We have become renowned in the industry for the quality of our programmes and the expertise of our trainers. This course will be delivered by one of the most sought after Microblading artists in New York.

This Microblading course will be a blended learning  approach consisting of 2 days onsite training – combined with 2 days offsite including: pre course reading, online study, practice and case studies.

Entry requirements:

  • Practical experience working in beauty/makeup/skincare/cosmetic industry, tattoo artists, nurses
  • Knowledge of facial and skin anatomy
  • Access to internet and email
  • Be prepared to complete home study before the course commences 

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Course content includes:

  • Health & Safety
  • Facial & Skin Anatomy
  • Contouring & symmetry
  • Practical drawing techniques
  • Hair stroke techniques
  • Client consultation
  • The art of eyebrow shaping
  • Shaping & drawing on skin simulation
  • Drawing hair and practicing on a live model
  • Tools for Microblading
  • Sourcing products for Microblading
  • Developing your Microblading career and business

Validation & Certification

This programme will be validated by AIT insurance and certified by The Waverley Academy.

AIT are the largest insurers of beauty therapists in USA. This means that successful graduates will have the option of taking out insurance with a highly reputable company, and certification from one of the most credible beauty colleges in the country.

Meet The Tutor Anna Ishutina

Anna is one of the most sought after Microblading artists around. She has completed a multitude of advanced cosmetology studies around the globe and runs a hugely successful Microblading clinic. She is gifted in the art of eyebrow shaping and semi permanent makeup and is a graduate of the famous Phi Brows Academy. Her core belief is that if you are passionate about your skill you can change the lives of others.

Anna is also a graduate of Waverley Academy beauty college achieving top grades on completion of her studies. She has dedicated herself to the art of semi permanent makeup and returns to her native country of Brazil on a regular basis to refine her skills and train with some of the world leaders in Microblading. Anna says “ My job and passion are both the same… it’s what I love to do. And when this happens – you have the power to change the lives of others”

Mastering The Skills Of Microblading

Practice is crucial and will lead to mastery of the skills. Microblading is like any of the advanced skills learned in beauty therapy – you must dedicate the time and effort to perfecting the skills. Constant practice on simulated skins and live models will ensure that you develop your skills to the level required.

You should also continue to develop your skills and knowledge by attending workshops, seminars, researching, reading and watching high quality tutorials online.

Why Us

We have been delivering quality education for over twenty two years and are renowned for ‘getting it right’. Every course we deliver would have at least eighteen months of research behind it so as it meets or exceeds industry standards.


Our trainers are on par with the best in the country and we have established ourselves as the leading college for teacher training. This puts in the position to choose the best trainers in the around and deliver top quality training for our students.


  • We have sourced top quality products for the Microblading course for students to use during their training. We believe students should have choices about the products they want to use and buy and we don’t like putting students in a position where they have to buy a branded product.
  • We have found that branded products can cost 50% more than similar type products which are equally as good.
  • We value the needs of our students and do not feel it is fair for them to be paying inflated prices for products when they finish their training. We believe graduates should have choice and not be put in a situation where they are obliged to buy a particular product that may exceed their budget.
  • Our focus is on providing the best training possible and quality of training is what we are about.

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