Microblading NY – What is Microblading?

Microblading Eyebrow – NY, LA

MICROBLADING technique is a semi permanent make-up applied mainly in the eyebrows, that allows to modify shape and color of the eyebrow and look a aspect re 24 hours a day. Using a pen provided with a needle cutter dipped in pigment, we are drawing small micro in the skin, which allows you to simulate each one of the hairs of the eyebrow, making them more defined and attractive.

Since we are faced with a technical manual, this is not done with machines and is less traumatic than micropigmentation (permanent makeup). This provides a less inflammationbetter scarring of the skin, and the treatment becomes virtually painless.

The microblading is a treatment that is more superficial than “micro”, as in microblading the ink is implanted in the epidermis (not the dermis).

It is a simple treatment and fast, since the technician usually does not take more than 45 minutes in its accomplishment, since the design is done “freehand”.

It is also an economic service (since its price will be always lower than the micropigmentation), and at the same time cost-effective.

In terms of their applications, thanks to this technique, we can treat a variety of aesthetic imperfections of the eyebrows that lead to a loss of harmony to the face. You can draw some eyebrows full, but also fill in spaces, to redesign its shape and colorcorrect asymmetriesto camouflage scars , and even visually enhance the drooping eyelids.

The results are completely natural, because your eyebrows are plotting to form three-dimensional, drawing them hair by hair. The effect achieved is that of a deeper look and clean, which results in an increase in the beauty of the face of the woman.

The duration of the result is approximately 1 year, after which, you generally need a refresher.

Microblading for Brows – Results

The Golden Ratio – Microblading by MicroStetic NY

The Golden Ratio, also known as the divine proportion or golden number, is possibly the most well-known measure proportional to that exists. In the theorem that announced this rule, it is true that the proportional relationship between the length of the segments is always constant, namely the segment ab is 1.6 times higher than the segment, which in turn is 1.6 times higher than the b-segment. Accordingly, it is known to the figure of 1.6, as the golden number or golden.

Representative diagram of the golden ratio. The length of the segment AB is the segment length, as is the segment more short-B.

This list of measures is found in a multitude of elements of nature, and is considered one of the most beautiful proportions.

Examples of golden ratio in nature.

The golden ratio is synonymous with beauty, and throughout history, the greatest artists have based their works on this foundation.

The human face, as an element of nature, nor is it alien to the golden ratio, this being synonymous with beauty and perfection.

The eyebrows, as a basic part of the face, also play with the quote golden ratio. The microblading eyebrow, is based in apply this mathematical rule to the design of eyebrows.

Design of Eyebrows Custom – Microblading USA – MicroStetic

The design of microblading eyebrows based on the golden ratio mentioned above. The 2 main factors that determine an appropriate design are:

  • Morphology of the face. Including customer age, face type, hair density present in the eyebrow and specific needs expressed by the client. The design should be in line with the face.
  • Hair Color brow and hair: The mixture of colors of pigments chosen must be in keeping with the tone of the hair of the eyebrow and the hair, and its colorimetric nature.

Our Technicians MicroStetic Microblading USA will take pictures of the state of the eyebrows during the following stages:

  1. Before the start of the previous design,
  2. After you perform the previous design.
  3. After the end of the first session.
  4. After the retouch, a time is given by the finished result.

The preliminary design is agreed upon, the result of an active dialogue between client and professional. The design has to be as symmetrical as possible. Our technicians listen to their client’s needs and based on your criteria, adapt the design to your expectations (e.g.: eyebrows long, curved, wide, etc).

Once technical and client reach a settlement, and the design is approved, it will take the relevant photo and we will propose to the client the signing of the document Informed Consent

Microblading Eyebrows Price – MicroStetic NY, CA

In MicroStetic we work with very competitive prices. You can enjoy your treatment of microblading eyebrows in NY for just 220 $ The price of the treatment is closed, has a cost of 220 $ (price currently on promotion) and includes: preliminary Design, Service of Microblading and Retouching included. The technician will listen to your needs and adjust the design to their claims. The session has an estimated duration of 50 minutes.

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