Micropigmentation Hair NY

What is Micropigmentation Hair?

 Micropigmentation Hair, also known as Tricopigmentación, is an aesthetic treatment based on the pigmentation of the area of the scalp with permanent makeup high quality. The pigment is introduced into the epidermis of the skin by using thin applicators. The result is a highly realistic, with a duration of approximately between 2 and 5 years. The tricopigmentación it is used for the dissimulation of problems of hair loss or camouflage of scars. It is the ideal alternative to biological treatments anti-hair loss, treatments, vitamins or hair transplants. Permanent makeup simulates density in the treated area, achieving an optical effect of a hair more populated.

What is it used for Micropigmentation Hair or Tricopigmentación?

Many people from a certain age they begin to experience a noticeable loss of hair, especially in the upper part of the head area and fronto-temporal, decrease of density, hair thinner, light areas or problems of alopecia. The Micropigmentation hair is the ideal solution to this type of problems, since it provides the area an effect of hair shaven, which simulates a contribution from density, concealing any defects of hair that you have.

The permanent make-up in the region of the capillary is also a solution to camouflage scars, whether due to surgery, injuries or strokes. The Tricopigmentación shows amazing results, reaching in most cases to achieve a natural result without suspicion optical any that has ever existed, an area with a deficit and capillary before the treatment.

Why choose the Tricopigmentación or Micropigmentation Hair to solve the problems of hair?

The application of permanent make-up in the region of the scalp is one of the most effective treatments for the improvement of the aesthetics of the hair without the need of treating the hair with different products (in addition to the long term can prove to be uneconomical), or have the need to perform a hair transplant.

Usually, the treatment of micropigmentation hair is comprised of multiple sessions, (depend on the area to be treated). Each session requires about an hour of your time, it does not produce just discomfort and trauma, and creates very nice effects in just 1 or 2 sessions.

This technique of permanent makeup (Tricopigmentación), consists in drawing with a minor separation of the different lines existing in the scalp in order to shorten the distance between the roots by using pigments for permanent make-up, giving an impression of density and hair most populated using the simulation’s own hair. In addition, after the application of permanent makeup, do not need special care that expensive treatment, but the client can continue with your hair care routine.

Professionalism: Staff and Equipment

Currently, the expert trainer Katherine Valencia, is the technician in charge of the treatment of micropigmentation hair in NY. In the following link, you can refer to the opinions of former students that relied on the knowledge of Katherine as a reference in the tricopigmentación.

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