10 common mistakes in makeup

Mistakes in makeup

Makeover gives the opportunity to experiment, to realize the creative potential and feel more confident. Today there are almost no makeup taboo — you can do anything you want. But there are things that can ruin even the most interesting idea and turn makeup into a nightmare. Makeup artist Valentina Shabanova told about the most important mistakes and how to avoid them.


Incorrectly selected shade of tonal means

As a result, the skin looks unnatural, the face turns into the mask, which another and very different in color from the neck and body.

SOLUTION: never pick up tonal means, trying it on your wrist. Apply a few samples on a line of the Chin and look in the mirror. Use the tool that is not visible in the mirror. Some tools have a property on the air, so darken not hurry with the choice. Wait a couple minutes and again appreciate the result in the mirror. The probability of error will strive for zero, if you can look at themselves in daylight. If you can’t perfectly precise tone of their skin, it’s best to opt for a brighter, not dark. But we are talking here about a semitone difference hardly visible.

BUG # 2

Incorrectly selected tonal texture tools

Heavy matte texture is not the best choice for everyday life. Firstly, they require constant adjustments during the day, and secondly, do not look natural. The more liquid and easy to be texture, the easier it is to succeed and to shade the tool.

SOLUTION: the basics of tonal Textures very much. Come in liquid, cream, solid sticks in the form of a souffle, double action basics (powder, which can be both dry and wet way) with frosted, moist, radiant effects. Make the right choice. It is important to build on the skin condition. If it is close to the ideal and you need just a smooth tone, choose the easiest of all possible variants. More suitable for oily skin means with high content of powder for problem is more dense, dry-with moisturising and light texture.

BUG # 3

Disregard for preparation of skin for makeup

Even the most correct for color, texture and composition of the tone will not be good to put on an unprepared skin. Poorly rinsed yesterday’s make-up, peeling, shiny skin, enlarged pores become even more noticeable, if you apply a tonal tool immediately.

SOLUTION: before you start to clean the skin well, makeup. Then apply uhodovoe tool that is appropriate for your skin type. In some cases — for example, when the pores too wide is better use a special primer that will make the skin smooth and prepare it to tone.

BUG # 4

Lack of careful shading

Tone that rests on the skin pieces and daubs neakkuratnymi, nobody will decorate. Better does refuse, if carefully shading in no time.

SOLUTION: Apply the tone only at the center of the face and the tushujte brush or moist with a sponge dampened to the hairline and Chin, so that there was no color spots and clearly defined boundaries. You can opt out of the full tonal cover and use only concealer is to freshen the skin around the eyes, remove redness from the wings of the nose and lip line highlighter-highlight on the protruding part of the face and cream blush gentle tone. But all this also need shade, just so happens to achieve truly natural effect.

BUG # 5

Unnatural eyebrows

On the form of the eyebrows can be easily guessed or bring in make-up a certain era. Now we prefer natural forms and shades of gray. Unnatural, well-defined eyebrows look as if their cut out of paper and glued to the face. Even if your own eyebrows not too broad and thick, and I want them to be such, draw them again is not the best idea.

SOLUTION: in the makeup eyebrows work from its natural form. Try to just fill the gaps and align the form. But here all about millimeters, and the main thing is not to overdo it. It is always better to draw hair, than fill a significant piece of skin, and for this to happen to make-up eyebrows (pencil, shadow, mascara, lipstick) must be well matched to your natural shade. The result is better fix the transparent gel that accentuate each hair.

BUG # 6

Accurate contour of the lips, traced unevenly and differs in color from lipstick

Yes, pencils make the shape of the lips more pronounced, but need to be used with caution and not try to draw yourself a lip wider than they really are. It looks ridiculous.

SOLUTION: Now don’t need to buy two products for the lips. Many brands have combined lip pencil and lipstick in one tool. Such easy to draw and shade contour and use as the main colors. If you draw a path exactly, it is better to abandon this idea and use the technique of “zacelovannyh lips.

BUG # 7

Robin with glitter and Pearl

Effect of wet makeup is addictive, but the technique, repeating for via instagram-bloggers, not worth still forget that each person individually. And that goes one, totally will decorate another.

SOLUTION: if you shine irresistibly wants something for everyday life it is more correct to choose something more delicate. Choose shimmeram of natural shades and fine, with a light glow. Don’t forget that glitter even more highlights the protruding parts of the face and attracts attention. So don’t highlight hajlajterom areas of skin that have shortcomings, otherwise risk to bring them even more attention.

BUG # 8

Battle contouring

Another popular technique now, with which it is easy to miss. The main error is used to konturinga the wrong means. For example, powder red shades, ronzery or blush. As a result, the face looks maximally unnaturally.

SOLUTION: Make easy contouring cream or pudrovymi means, which are only slightly different in color from the base color of the skin.

BUG # 9

Inappropriate makeup

Now almost no frames and borders, the main thing is to feel yourself in harmony. But good taste when it has not been canceled.
And, probably, there is no sense to go to an interview or business meeting with bright arrow and shadows acid shades.

DECISION: choosing a makeup for an event, use common sense and remember about lighting. At daylight it is better to go more natural makeup, and in the evening you can already experiment.

BUG # 10

Excessive use of color Correctors

Green actually camouflages redness and salmon hides the blue eyes. But if you get carried away, you can get on your face an abundance of colorful spots, which look odd.

Solution: Choose SS-creams that already contains all necessary pigments for correction of redness and blemishes.

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