Permanent lip color

Permanent makeup for lips, eyes and eyebrows (color)

Permanent makeup also known as micropigmentation or tattoo aesthetic, you can eliminate the hassle of having to put makeup every day. Permanent makeup will not run or stain, and is excellent for people with allergies to traditional makeup, as well as for those who find it difficult to apply makeup. Below, learn more about the most popular types of tattoo aesthetic, including the permanent makeup for lips, eyes and eyebrows.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a form of tattoo that is applied pigment to the upper layer of the skin with a variety of methods, including the traditional machine for tattoo or coil machine or rotary pen, and manual. While permanent makeup may fade with time and require touch-ups in newspapers, it is considered permanent because the color cannot be removed.
To produce the desired results, permanent makeup usually requires one or more touch-ups after the initial application. For this reason, the majority of technicians includes the price of a procedure of retouching in the price of the app. The initial application of permanent makeup usually takes from one to two and a half hours, and touch-ups take much less time. The most common are permanent make up for lips, eyes and eyebrows;however, the tattoo aesthetic, also can be used to redefine facial features weak and camouflage scars on any part of the body.

Permanent makeup  eyes

The permanent makeup of eyes can be applied in various ways to contribute to enhance the eyes. Eyeliner, permanent eye is used to delineate the upper and lower eyelid, to create a delicate appearance, or define a line, or to any intermediate effect. The permanent shadow for eyes is available in various colors and can be applied according to different styles. Because the eye shadow is one of the types of permanent makeup more difficult to apply, it is important to choose a technician with experience.

Permanent makeup eyebrows

Permanent makeup can create the appearance of eyebrows populated and often is used to define, shape and fill in areas with thin eyebrows. Permanent makeup for eyebrows can also be used to simulate a pair of eyebrows fully populated in people who have lost all facial hair, often by chemotherapy and other medical conditions. An experienced technician can “emulate” the individual hairs of the brow and create a natural appearance.

Permanent makeup for lips

If you are tired of wearing lipstick several times a day, or are not happy with your thin lips or crooked permanent makeup for lips can give you fuller lips and defined. You can choose a shade that matches your lipstick favorite or a neutral tone to sport a natural look. Both the eyeliner as the pencil permanent lip can be applied in a variety of colors. If you are using a color more natural, can be applied equally to a pencil lip color, and permanent makeup for lips will keep the color from seeping out.When you apply a tone vivid, all that is needed is a subtle sheen to lips enhancement.
Permanent makeup for lips can add fullness, balance lips crooked or misaligned, and even attenuate wrinkles around the lips. However, caution must be used when applying permanent makeup to create fuller lips, as color that extends beyond the outer edge of the natural lips can cause unwanted results.

Cost of permanent makeup

The cost of permanent makeup is often directly related to the experience of the technician and the quality of service provided. You may pay more if the procedure is performed in the doctor’s office or in a specialized clinic instead of at a beauty salon or a spa. In general, a single procedure costs between $ 200 and $ 800, which must include at least one follow-up visit, and products for the care of the skin after the procedure. Some technicians may charge the sum of USD 250 per hour for work at an advanced level.

Risks and benefits of permanent makeup

Permanent makeup may be an option for people allergic to the make-up of traditional, as well as for people with problems of vision or motor function, which have difficulty applying makeup. Technicians with experience can achieve a very natural look through the appropriate application of permanent makeup.
Some risks associated with permanent makeup are the same as those of the tattoos on other parts of the body. Can cause bleeding during the procedure of tattooing, and it is common for the treated area inflammation, bruising and pain. The equipment for tattoo that is not well sterilized can cause infection and, although rare, some people may have an allergic reaction to certain shades of the ink of the tattoo aesthetic.Other risks are scarring, irregular around the tattoo, called keloids, and a possible interference with the magnetic resonance.
In general, dissatisfaction is the greatest risk factor associated with permanent makeup. If there is any possibility to change the colors and shapes of permanent makeup for lips, eyes and brows, and laser removal of tattoos can be an option, people who are considering permanent makeup you must remember that the goal is that the results last a lifetime.

Seek a cosmetic dermatologist with

It is extremely important to choose a technician with experience and qualified for the application of permanent makeup, because the results are permanent. If you are interested in permanent makeup for eyes, lips or brows, use the online directory DocShop of dermatologists experienced in the united States to find a cosmetic dermatologist in your area.


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