Permanent makeup, do you mind?

The novelty in cosmetics never ceases to amaze us. Special products for each woman, new technologies in the products themselves and new surgeries are emerging, against the demand of many women to see each day more beautiful. Today we are going to focus on permanent makeup , a new technique that begins to grow , which can become the best solution for those who like to look flirty all the time.

When did this technique come about?

In the 80’s , due to advances in medicine, permanent makeup begins to take its place in the world of fashion. In Europe is where this technique began to flourish . However, over the years it has been modified to become more secure and, over the last few years, it has expanded worldwide.

What does it consist of?

Permanent makeup refers to tattoos, like the traditional ones that you know, that are applied to the eyes, eyebrows and lips, by means of the use of a small needle that acts by introducing pigments to the sector ; Thus, a delineate for the eyes, lips and eyebrows can be achieved . Because permanent makeup does not touch the dermis, as do traditional tattoos on the body, make-up tattoos do not last forever, but approximately two to four years , depending on the care and skin you have.

Disadvantages of Permanent Makeup

While permanent makeup is an effective method to keep us always beautiful, without having to repaint every day, it has some disadvantages.

  • Permanent makeup does not last forever ; After passing 2 to 4 years, you will have to resort to the technique again.
  • After doing the permanent makeup, you should not expose yourself to the sun for about three weeks.
  • The use of this technique can produce inflammations and deformations of the sector .
  • The sector where the permanent makeup is done usually burns and bother for a few days.
  • This technique can not be used by pregnant women or with any chronic illness.

In addition, permanent makeup requires some specific care of the area being treated. Therefore, before finally deciding on permanent makeup, find out in a center that specializes in it, to avoid problems in your skin, which as you know is very delicate.

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