We are the leaders in Permanent Makeup in NY, with more than 20 years of experience

Permanent Makeup in NJ

“We are pioneers and leaders in Permanent Makeup in NJ, with more than 20 years of experience and more than 70,000 procedures performed, our dermograph and specialist in line and figure has titles abroad, and winner of contests in the region on micropigmentation . ”

Micropigmentation or permanent makeup can be the solution to not worry about the makeup you run or have to apply half to the races of every day.

If in war and in love everything is worth, in the field of beauty have also been emerging alternatives of all kinds so that you can achieve the image you want. One such solution is permanent makeup, as it is known to micropigmentation or dermography, which has come to revolutionize the daily lives of many women who live at a fast pace and look to look impeccable always.

This technique offers to modify, beautify or rebalance the facial features of the area of ​​the eyebrows, eyelids and lips, and in very particular cases eyelashes. It also allows correcting imperfections in some body areas, including the scalp and areolas, as well as conceal small moles, spots and scars.

This effect is possible thanks to the application of pigments of the desired color in the surface layer of the skin. That is why some people confuse this procedure with the conventional tattoo.

But the difference is that in permanent makeup is used a special device called a dermograph, which injects color at a lower depth. Now there are digital devices that almost make no noise and can be programmed according to the area and the type of skin to know the intensity that is needed, “says Daniella Noriega, a professional beautician.

In addition, Chinese ink is not used but a ‘vegetable pigment, hypoallergenic, that does not contain lead or is toxic’, adds Marta Torres, specialist in dermography. Noriega indicates that the pigment used ‘is of iron oxide and that the body can process it very well’.

From that account, the color is diluted uniformly, after a minimum of six months and up to two to six years on average. According to Torres, that depends on the amount of melanin that each person has, as well as their lifestyle. For example, the color will last longer in those who live in cold weather, than in a person who is exposed to much sun or exercise enough.

If for some reason you would like to change a color or remove it without waiting for it to fade on its own, you would have to use a dark tone, if it is the area of ​​the eyelids, or use a special material to depigmentate. But this one extracts only 80 percent of the color, just like the laser does and, in fact, would take several sessions.

Permanent makeup is a micro-pigmentation of the skin made with natural pigments of various colors that is applied in the manner of a tattoo, which can not be defined as a simple tattoo; Has to do with the application of a pigment inside the skin, but combines kindness, precision, good taste, experience and ethics to acquire a natural and lasting enhancement of eyebrows, eye contour, lips And even serves to camouflage birthmarks or scars and restore the areolas of the breasts after surgery.

Customer satisfaction is the main thing. The design of the eyebrows, eye lines, and lip lining is done first with a pencil, so the client will see it, and decide if they like it. Then proceed to permanent makeup.

Some of the advantages:

Embellishes: It makes us look better, and that raises our self-esteem. It also makes us look always well-groomed on every occasion.
Preserves the skin: as it avoids the daily abuse of the skin that causes the daily application of traditional makeup.
Save time: because it allows women to be well presented during the day and night for any occasion.
Save money: because you no longer spend money on eyeliner and lipstick.
It is practical : it is ideal for people who do not have the ability or capacity for daily makeup with eyeliners and lipsticks.

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