Permanent Makeup: Risks and Benefits

Esthetic. Dermopigmentation is a natural option for keeping makeup 24 hours a day.

The excess of work that has the current women has led them to opt for a permanent makeup, as an alternative of saving in time compared to being applied common makeup. But what does this type of makeup consist of? According to the dermatologist and cosmetologist Fernanda Pérez, permanent makeup can alleviate the hassle of having to make up every day. However, it is a serious cosmetic procedure and it is important to assess the risks along with the benefits, he says.

According to Perez, permanent makeup mimics the appearance of lipstick and eyeliner, eyebrows and eyeliner. It is done through a process called dermopigmentation, in which a pencil to make tattoos is used to inject permanent ink into the skin. Each procedure lasts between 30 and 120 minutes and doctors use a local anesthetic to numb the area to be tattooed. Like any tattoo, in principle the color will be brighter or darker and then lose intensity. The area will be swollen between 2 and 5 days; And a scab will form before it heals.

Take into account

Also, it is important to clarify that this type of makeup although its name indicates “permanent”, is not definitive; But long lasting. “It has an approximate duration of 5 years, then the work needs to be retouched to make it look perfect again at the beginning,” Pérez says. In this sense, there are factors that cause the color of the tattoo to weaken, such as sun, cigarette, dry skin or the application of products with glycolic acid in the area of ​​the tattoo.

“The most obvious benefit of permanent makeup is to wake up every day with your face ready,” says the expert. And he adds: “you can swim, exercise, bathe and wake up and still look beautiful. This cosmetic alternative is ideal for women who travel constantly. Other women opt for permanent makeup when they have lost hair due to chemo, accidents, burns or cosmetic surgery; in other cases they find it difficult to apply make-up due to age or diseases, such as arthritis; And do not forget the allergy that makes them make up some women.

Before undergoing a dermopigmentation, you first have to make sure that the place and the person who will perform the procedure have all the permits up to date and better if recommended by someone you trust. As a user, a color and allergy test should be required, since the pigments used are both organic and inorganic, but they are the first ones that can cause allergy in some people.

Most common areas

Perez points out that the most common is to tattoo the upper and lower line of the eyelid occupying black, gray or dark blue tones to not harden the look so much. Also, there are those who touch the contour of the lips to have them poorly defined or very irregular, “this should be in a natural tone,” warns the specialist. Another point where the tattoo is used a lot is in the eyebrows, whose request is common in older women. Actually, this procedure makes the woman look very young, but all this goes in the quality of the tattoo artist or expert so that the effect is well done.

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