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Micropigmentation of Lips USA

Micropigmentation of Lips is the perfect solution both to beautify and to increase the lip contour.

What is Micropigmentation of Lips?

The Micropigmentation of the Lips is a perfect solution not sosorry to beautify and make your lips look more lively, but it is also the ideal technique of permanent makeup usa to correct blemishes, disguise defects, and give them the shape you’ve always desired. Known for being a cosmetic treatment of long duration, due to the pigments used in this treatment are introduced at the level of the epidermis of the skin, thus achieving the effect of micropigmentation lasts up to an approximate time of between 2 and 5 years.

Why Micropigmentation of Lips?

The main objective of the Micropigmentation of Lips comes to be the improvement of the aesthetics of the facial area, by using specific techniques that allow to give the lips more volume, to simulate an aspect of fleshiness, correct problems from corners fall, they bring colour and freshness, to correct the contour, and many more applications!

What type of treatments of Micropigmentation of Lips are out there?

In TIAN STUDIO NY, depending on the desired result, there are many techniques of permanent makeup to suit the client:

  • Profiling: Enhance the contour of your lips getting a beautiful natural attraction. Get the lips symmetrical and correct the differences between the two. Will always be perfect. Forget about the hassle of applying makeup daily and win in comfort.
  • Profiling + Filler for Lips: give your lips of flesh and freshness. After marking the profile lipstick, get a lips more voluminous and sensual. Make your lips look more lively and bright.

How do you get to perform Micropigmentation of Lips successful?

The area of the lips is a fairly more complicated for the application of permanent makeup compared to the other regions of the face, since the labial mucosa is a region of high concentration of vascularizaciones, in which, the fixing of the pigment is less stable, and so the micropigmentation of the labial mucosa can present notable differences compared to the profiling, propensity to disappear quickly (in a few days) or to present a tone too clear.

Also, the region of the labial mucosa may present dehydration, giving rise to peeling or a thin layer of skin slightly desadherida of the surface, which can lead to a treatment of false pigmentation, fading of the permanent makeup , as the skin is removing the natural way.

Therefore, it is important to choose a service of micropigmentation of the lips of quality, in which, unlike the more common treatments, the machines of micropigmentation used, instead of inserting the pigment from the outside to within the mucosa, they do so by means of an insertion for continuous high revolutions from the inside to the outside. In this way, the results of permanent makeup will be great, and it will not cause any rejection nor a consequent inflammation of the lips due to the treatment. In addition, the micropigmentation ideal of the labial mucosa would be performing the technique of the effect of waves driving flat needles of six-pointed, because, in this way, the pigment from permanent makeup is distributed more evenly, and the distribution is not as aggressive.

In addition, due to the different characteristics of the areas of profiling and the mucosa, the pigments of micropigmentation used for the profiling must also be different to that used in the micropigmentation of the mucosa. For this latter, the pigment for permanent makeup must possess a creamier texture, have a more intense color and characterized by a capacity of pigmentation of at least 30% higher than the pigment used for the profiling, because this area will be subjected continuously to varying conditions of moisture, heat, friction, application of cosmetics, etc that pose a wear and tear for that region, and so needs a treatment of makeup permanenete more personalized and specific.