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Areola Micropigmentation – New York

Areola Restoration (Tattooing)

Micropigmentation of Areolas Breast is based on the reconstruction aesthetics of the areola and/or nipple of the breast of the woman.

Areola restoration is commonly known as medical tattooing and/or nipple tattooing.

Many of our patients resort to micropigmentation oncology as a solution to disguise the scars produced after overcome surgical procedures such as mastectomies or operations of breast augmentation.

  • To provide color to the area. Shades suitable to get results natural and realistic.
  • Total reconstruction: Indicated for women who have gone through a case of cancer of the breast.
  • Correction of asymmetries.
  • Correction of imperfections.

Micropigmentation Oncology NY– MicroStetic

In terms of Aesthetic Oncology, we work with the most recent developments regarding the reconstruction of areolas, and all over the relating to Micropigmentation Oncology and paramedical. In the area of areola breast, the reconstructive surgery has experienced an essential advancement and accompany exactly the same technique of Micropigmentation Oncology. The patient of Micropigmentation Oncology receives in Clinical MicroStetic USA the treatment to be thorough and personal that it deserves.

The treatment more order in the Micropigmentation Medical is the Micropigmentation Oncology, consisting of the reconstruction optics of the areola, breast/ nipple. The reconstruction optics of the areola and/ nipple is one of the treatments of Micropigmentation Oncology more demanded by women who have overcome micro breast cancer.

The uncomfortable and unsightly marks and scars can be corrected, with it being advisable before having consulted with the surgeon, a dermatologist, to find out the possible existence of keloids (can’t micropigmentar in the affected area). Every year more than 18,000 women suffer in Spain breast cancer, luckily, also gradually more and more women manage to overcome this disease and continue living. Unfortunately, the Spanish public health system only covers breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, but not the figure of the nipple as this, it is considered as something purely aesthetic.

In Clinical MicroStetic USA we offer the services of micropigmentation of eyebrows, lips and areolas breast patients who have already completed their cancer treatments (radiotherapy, chemotherapy) with the aim of recovering the features lost. Experts in permanent makeup we should strive to communicate and spread best among the public of how to be a micropigmentation quality. Thanks to the micropigmentation paramedical rebuild an areola new.

The micropigmentation is a technique that derives from the tattoo and consisting of introducing pigment under the skin through a dermógrafo. Treatment is semi-permanent.

The Micropigmentation Oncology cooperates in a large part with this medical work, which seeks to enable the patient impaired in some way to overcome your disease and try to be as previously it was, after undergoing many treatments and interventions, medical-surgical. The micropigmentation paramedical is used to progress each and every one of the inconveniences that you have had the patient after an illness.

The technique of micropigmentation derived from the tattoo, and consists of inserting a pigment under the skin with the help of a dermógrafo. The Micropigmentation Reconstructive is one that is used to advance and remove aesthetic imperfections, and anatomical.

Women who have been subjected to the procedure called a mastectomy (unilateral in 2 bands) following breast cancer and, later, the process of reconstruction and healing, they are able to look a chest aesthetic thanks to the redesign art of the structure of the nipple-areola, through the Micropigmentation oncology. Micropigmentation aesthetics optimal the beauty of our features, so that always and in all circumstances look your best look, natural and prudent. With the micropigmentation paramedical there is not a healing, but if it improves significantly the psychological attitude of the person. Our technical specialists are familiar with the particularities of the skin of the patients subjected to processes of chemotherapy.

Micropigmentation Paramedical NJ, NY, FL, LA

The micropigmentation paramedical covers multiple fields of which the most demanded is undoubtedly the reconstruction of areolas after a mastectomy. Micropigmentation is a solution in this situation. This application helps to regain the appearance of the areola with scars post-surgery after a breast reconstruction. In Clinical MicroStetic NJ we offer an extensive range of services, to recover of them in perfect conditions and as quickly as possible.

The areola is pigmentará at the end of the reconstructive surgery when the surgeon has placed the nipple. Micropigmentation is the huge ally in this situation. Other techniques of permanent makeup, such as micropigmentation of eyebrows, it can be very helpful for women who have to undergo chemotherapy treatment, in that it manages to simulate the hair of the eyebrows and pestañitas that will fall along the sessions of chemotherapy.

The Micropigmentation paramedical leaves repigment the area affected in order to conceal and hide blemishes and scars, leveling the area with the rest of normal skin.

The technique of micropigmentation is not indicated as treatment of chemotherapy, which should be made previously.

When you are diagnosed with this disease feel lost and it is the doctor who must give each and every one of the weapons necessary to be able to carry the disease as best as possible.

In Clinical MicroStetic USA conducted a prior dialogue with the patient, to perceive so activates the user and make key questions to the customer service open consciousness and to communicate clearly and openly what they truly seek, when you use us for micropigmentation. Customer service attend to the micropigmentation to beautify, freshened, compensate and harmonize the outlines of the countenance, the more there is to take into consideration that the treatment of micropigmentation it is a specialty aesthetics whose results are semi-permanent and therefore the color and the design applied and will continue in the time, being a critical overshoot with the tastes and needs of the user.

The micropigmentation is a tattoo intradermal that helps to regain the appearance of the areola strict after a breast reconstruction. However, it is very bearable and it has proven that the discomfort is much less than is generally imagined.