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Microblading NY – What is Microblading?

Microblading Eyebrow – NY, LA

MICROBLADING technique is a semi permanent make-up applied mainly in the eyebrows, that allows to modify shape and color of the eyebrow and look a aspect re 24 hours a day. Using a pen provided with a needle cutter dipped in pigment, we are drawing small micro in the skin, which allows you to simulate each one of the hairs of the eyebrow, making them more defined and attractive.

Since we are faced with a technical manual, this is not done with machines and is less traumatic than micropigmentation (permanent makeup). This provides a less inflammationbetter scarring of the skin, and the treatment becomes virtually painless.

The microblading is a treatment that is more superficial than “micro”, as in microblading the ink is implanted in the epidermis (not the dermis).

It is a simple treatment and fast, since the technician usually does not take more than 45 minutes in its accomplishment, since the design is done “freehand”.

It is also an economic service (since its price will be always lower than the micropigmentation), and at the same time cost-effective.

In terms of their applications, thanks to this technique, we can treat a variety of aesthetic imperfections of the eyebrows that lead to a loss of harmony to the face. You can draw some eyebrows full, but also fill in spaces, to redesign its shape and colorcorrect asymmetriesto camouflage scars , and even visually enhance the drooping eyelids.

The results are completely natural, because your eyebrows are plotting to form three-dimensional, drawing them hair by hair. The effect achieved is that of a deeper look and clean, which results in an increase in the beauty of the face of the woman.

The duration of the result is approximately 1 year, after which, you generally need a refresher.

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