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Micropigmentation of Eyes in NY, NJ

What is Micropigmentation of Eyes?

Do you want to enjoy a treatment of micropigmentation of the eyes in NYMicropigmentation of the Eyes, the technique is ultimately to achieve a expressive eyes, a greater volume of eyelashes and other effects as modern blurred or shaded. It is also ideal for correcting blemishes, dark circles, “drooping eyes”, and give your look the look that you’ve always wanted. I forget about putting on makeup, and look perfectly at any time and place!

To design to perfection the treatment of permanent makeup of eyes, done a custom study for each client based on their traits of the eye, and other factors like toughness of the skin and the age of the customer, which shall be taken into account to choose the technique most appropriate and that is the outcome desired by the client.

Treatments of Micropigmentation of Eyes in NY 

There are several options to highlight your look using the micropigmentation. Each face is a world that is not always the same makeup sit well with anyone, and therefore, the study we did at the beginning of a session is a big help to advise the client which of the services of micropigmentation that we offer would be best according to your shape and facial features.

A good treatment of permanent makeup can turn a few eyes that are barely noticeable, in a look outstanding stand out. If your eyes are small, make them look with more volume. We can also draw a look sensual by using an Eye Liner right, highlighting the color of your eyes!… and create all kinds of effects!

You can put in our hands the choice of treatment the better you feel, or choose it for yourself. You decide. These services are the Micropigmentation of the eyes available offered at the clinics MicroStetic of NY:

  • Eye Liner Top: Look more intense, luminous and sensual.
  • Eye Liner Lower: it Creates more density on the lashes of the lower lid, highlight the color of your look.
  • Double Eye Liner Top: The latest trend in permanent make-up, you add to your Eye Liner is always a little bit of color!
  • Eyes whole: With both Eye Liner (top and bottom) will be able to boast of an in-depth look.

Visagism and Design Custom Pre – MicroStetic NY

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, therefore, are part of the body where more attention is paid, by their expressiveness. Therefore, it is important to make this natural expressiveness is not to be masked by the use of a makeup inappropriate, you can delete certain features by which the gaze is indifferent.

In the clinical MicroStetic, located in NY, we conducted a study visagism evaluating the characteristics of the look most influential when choosing the makeup, such as:

  • Line: Degree of balance, horizontal gaze. Ascending, descending, horizontal.
  • Size: a Comparison of eye size with respect to the total of the face, we will distinguish: Large, proportional, small.
  • Form: research into the relationship roundness/elongation of the eyes, and the naturalness of its ends. Round, almond-shaped, slanted.
  • Distance: Separation in the look. Eyes together, balanced, or separated.
  • Volume: The eyeball may have a higher or lower volume. Eyes globulosos, sunken, etc

Once studied the shape of the eyes and taking into account the facial features, choose a design that beautify and that emphasise the client’s eyes, giving it a unique look. Don’t get left behind! Enjoy your treatment of Micropigmentación of Eyes in the NJ of the hand of the professionals of MicroStetic.

The micropigmentation of the eyes , is to make a line eye liner above, and if you want also under the eyelids. Imagine your eyes with an eyeliner perfect even after exercise, your tabs will be visually magnified and the eyes more defined.

We have prices that are very competitive in our Clinics MicroSteic located in the Community of CA.

The purpose of permanent makeup is to remake the facial expression, give illumination to the eyes, correct drooping eyes and generate an increase of eyelashes. The treatment, also known as delineated permanent (not permanent tattoo), consists of pigment of the eyeliner top, eyeliner bottom, or both.

The prices of the treatment are closed, and can be consulted through the website, by telephone by calling the 91 470 05 20, or using a quote without obligation in an initial consultation free of charge in our centres in NY, where our esthetician will be able to assess your case and advise you of the treatment adapted to their needs. In the case of the unsightly drooping eyes, the result is very grateful to both the correction is combined with another treatment of lighting to compensate for the down-line of this genre of eyes.

The permanent makeup enhances the eyes making it more expressive with greater volume and density of eyelashes. The duration of the micropigmentation of the eyes is close to two years more or less, depending on the genre of skin care following cosmetic that is applied on the area and the maintenance that each person perform. After this time, it is possible to review it to ensure that it is kept exactly the same initial intensity of color.

Permanent makeup is a technique of beauty for the modern woman that allows you to save time and be always and at all times made-up. The treatment is performed in a first session whose duration is more or less than an hour and a half – 2 hours where the eyes are micropigmentados, previous design made with a pen specific to perform the preliminary design agreed with you. One of the variants most frequently asked is Micropigmentation of eyeliner upper eyelid, which replaces the black stripe of make-up daily;fill lower lashes, which creates an effect of greater density in these tabs

It is essential at the time of deciding the micropigmentation the choice of a good center and a specialist who is familiar with this technique. Eye care professionals (ophthalmologists and optometrists) also advise the micropigmentation of the eyes in patients who use contact lenses, have watery eyes allergy to the makeup usual. Permanent makeup on the eyelids, eyes, eyeliner serves essentially to deliver more life and expressiveness to the look, other than to simulate a higher density of lashes without the need for makeup on a daily basis.

Micropigmentation leaves to thrive the appearance of the eyes and also strongly influence the expression and beauty of the eyes. In this genre of eyes working with different colors in order to strengthen them still more. In the case of the typical “drooping eyes”, these are identified by presenting a way to fall face down on the ends giving it an expressiveness sad in the face.

If what you want is more depth and expressiveness in the look and forget about the makeup, Micropigmentation in eyes in is the best solution. We are facing a treatment ideal for those women who want to define their eyes.

Micropigmentation is a technique widely used in cosmetic, consisting of the implantation of pigments in the epidermis with the goal to beautify, correct, highlight and alter the facial features (eyebrows , eyes and lips.. etc). This technique leaves freshened the expression, correct eyes fallen, deliver depth to your look simply accentuate the pestañitas.

Thanks to Micropigmentation of the eyes can achieve the effect of increase of eyelashes as a eyes more oval, more large, this is always and in all circumstances without trying an exaggerated results, but rather as natural as possible, as, for example, only a subtle addition of points of color over the lash line giving place to a look “dreamy”. And to finish we will refer to the design of the lash line, to correct the down-line of the eyes and the repopulation visual tabs both top and bottom.

The purpose of the treatment is usually achieve the lengthening of the eye, and a look more expressive, intense and alive, increasing the volume of the lashes and even creating effects unique bicolor, tricolor, points of light effects and pearlescent. In this example case of light colored eyes, you can estimate a better definition of the before and the after.

In our clinics MicroStetic located in NJ you will receive the best treatment for your treatment of permanent makeup.

The color is chosen from among the range that harmonizes with the countenance of the patient, bearing in mind the skin tone, and the tone of the hair, the density of the eyebrows and the tone of eyes.

Permanent makeup micropigmentation consists of a micro-implant pigments that are made in the more superficial part of the skin –epidermis that can be applied on different parts of the body such as the eyebrows , the edge of the lips, eyes. Basically, it introduces pigments under the skin, between the epidermis and the dermis, with the help of a small, very fine needle that is controlled by a machine uniquely developed to perform this technique.In addition to this, it ceases to correct defects of the eyebrow, highlight and improve the contour of the lips, enhance the appearance of size of the eyes and disguise tabs sparsely populated.

Opinion by: TIAN – Client MicroStetic: “Already before the summer (for not having to paint me, and I ran the paint in the pool) I did the micropigmentation in the eyebrows (that had a much depopulated of both depilarme) and the line of the eyes”.

Possibly for certain occasions, as in makeup for the celebration, you need a pointed out that your eyes are more exaggerated. Day wearing eyes fantastically defined and expressive, micropigmentation permanent outlining eyelid is your answer. Although this is a technique mostly used in those with scarring patients of cancer treatments, also used for merely aesthetic purposes, among those that highlight the micropigmentation of eyebrows, eyes and lips.

It is possible to correct the effect of “eyes together”, present when you are fairly close to the area of the tear.

In the treatment of double eyeliner, micropigmenta the line of eyes upper, with a double line in black color and a color to choose.

We can highlight the look with more lower-intensity dependence of the amplitude of the strokes, of the area chosen for the implant of color and tone that we use. Only in treatments of eyes were inflamed slightly and very superficial the treated area.

Historically, since nineteen eighty when the first treatments to implant pigments in the lips, eyebrows and eyes through manual procedures, and very artisanal.

In our consultations in NY we did the treatment for both women and men. Apart from being ideal to remedy small imperfections of the face and the skin, micropigmentation is a good ally for those women who practice sports on a daily basis and like to be perfect and so fast and easy.