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Microblading Eyebrows Training

Microblading Eyebrows Training NY

Microblading  training​ allows you to recreate the brow based on client’s preferences while hiding flaws and highlighting advantages.

Finally, You have the opportunity to study the most modern, cool and expensive procedure at the very cool brow and makeup nyc USA. The author’s course of Microblading eyebrows at Victoria bug! Microblading unique procedure allowing to accurately simulate the growth of natural hairs on the eyebrows. Resistance from 1 to 3 years.

The course program

1 day (training procedure with “0”)

The cost of 1-day – 250$

The theoretical part

  1. The structure of the eyebrows.
  2. Classification of the eyebrows.
  3. The correct form of the eyebrows.
  4. The architecture of the eyebrow.
  5. Submission procedure Microblading.
  6. Benefits and differences from the hair technique of permanent makeup eyebrows.
  7. The signing of the agreement with the client.
  8. Anatomy and physiology of the skin.
  9. Indications and contraindications to Microblading.
  10. Preparation for the procedure.
  11. Necessary tools and materials.
  12. Asepsis, antisepsis.
  13. Hair technique.
  14. The design of eyebrows 6 D.
  15. Types of corrections.
  16. The rules of care after the procedure.
  17. Appliances trading
  18. Analysis type
  19. Types of needles: the pros and cons

The practical part

  1. Drawing the lines in the workbook.
  2. Drawing the diagrams in the workbook.
  3. Drawing diagrams on artificial leather.
  4. Analysis of errors.

Day 2 (testing of the material studied in practice, professional development)

Cost 2-day (practice) – 350 $

The cost of 2nd day (professional development) – 487 $

The theoretical part

  1. The author’s technique of building a perfect eyebrow.
  2. Problems with the shape of the eyebrows and their solution.
  3. Problems after the old tattoo and their solutions
  4. Anatomy and physiology of the skin.
  5. Shadow technique features and benefits.
  6. Hair technique features and benefits.
  7. Mixed-media techniques.
  8. Scheme 6D eyebrow (repeat and consolidate the material studied).
  9. Scheme of the eyebrows (3D, 6D, 8D, HD line).
  10. Selection of the ideal eyebrow tint.
  11. The pricing procedure.
  12. The psychology of the customer.
  13. How to “sell eyebrow”?

The practical part

  1. Drawing diagrams on artificial leather.
  2. Analysis of errors.
  3. Work with individual model


Microblading is a method of implantation of pigment by hand, rooted in the deep tradition of Asian countries and revived in the 21st century.

Microblading allows you to achieve a completely natural effect.

You ask, what is the secret of Microblading and why it is so rapidly gaining popularity among the fair sex, and specialists?

Microblading unique in that it allows you to add missing areas, for example, to make rare eyebrows thicker, to give them a beautiful, well-groomed and natural look. Naturalness, which is today desired by all women, is achieved by drawing a very thin hairs. To achieve the naturalness, the filigree and beauty, which appear after Microblading, other methods impossible.


Microblading is performed using a special pen-probe, equipped with a sterile disposable needle tips. Pigment is injected into the upper layers of the skin at a small depth. As a result, an absolute natural, desired shape, color, and volume!

If you want to:

  • to change the shape of the eyebrows;
  • to correct the asymmetry.
  • to give thickness and volume to your eyebrows;
  • to make the natural color of your eyebrows more intense;
  • to disguise the scars;
  • to create the most natural eyebrows, including for blondes;
  • to recreate the natural shape lost over the years;
  • to fix a bad tattoo.

Come, I will help you to fulfill your desires!

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One & Two Day Training Courses

Classes are offered in every state of NYC, dates are flexible and week-end classes are possible depending on circumstances upon request.  If you are not a Beauty Therapist or Brow Specialist and have absolutely no experience in this area you may need to be open to attending an extra day.  We want you to feel confident with your new skill.

Brow Feathering – Embroidery – Hair Stroke – Micro – blading


Microblading training New York

With over four years of experience in the semi permanent makeup London industry and having perfected her own microblading technique, Sandra Opul loves to mentor and offer microblading training London courses to other semi permanent makeup artists. She shares her expertise and the latest techniques and products used within the industry at her Infinity Brows Academy in NYC.

Sandra offers both a basic and advanced intensive microblading training course designed around 4-8 students per class to ensure that each student benefits from individual tutoring. Her classes are recognised and accredited in the USA. The training includes compulsory basic training, theory, practice paid work and live models to ensure you receive comprehensive training in the highly skilled art of microblading.

Microblading Training NY Courses

Microblading Training in the USA is becoming more and more popular due to the natural looking results this technique provides. Sandra is one of the first permanent makeup artists to use the microblading technique in NJ. She makes sure all her students are fully qualified to do the same work as her, hence she does not organise large classes.

In order to make sure you are trained by Sandra , book your place by calling today. Your microblading training NY course will take place in the Love U Salon .

Microblading eyebrows and micropigmentation of eyebrows: what differences are there?

Microblading for brows and micropigmentation of eyebrows are techniques within the makeup and semi permanent eyebrows. Both are used as a method to correct the profile of the eyebrows, and is very common among those women who suffer from eyebrow thin, with little hair or bald patches and excessive hair removal. It is also a technique that we apply for when looking to define eyebrows very populated, redefine the volume of the same and also to achieve a symmetry in the look.

Both the techniques of microblading eyebrow as the micropigmentation of the eyebrows are easy to conduct and fast healing with the difference that with the art of microblading is always done hair by hair and with micropigmentation can also be performed by a shader.

Therefore, in this sense, the micropigmentation is more versatile because it can be done hair by hair and shading, as there are cases that the patient has his own hair and just give it more density.

What are the differences between microblading eyebrows and micropigmentation of eyebrows?

The microblading is done with a pen made of metal similar to a small scalpel and the micropigmentation is performed with a needle of a tip to design the hair and hands of three or five tips to create the redensificación.

In both cases, are inorganic pigments with mineral-based, since they are hypoallergenic , reducing the risk of the implant and without the possibility of allergic reactions.

How is the process of microblading?

The shape of the eyebrows are measured during a test of design with a special tool in which we draw the lines of symmetry. A range of different shapes and sizes of blades helps to imitate the hair of the eyebrows original. As in any procedure of makeup of eyebrows, we look at the skin tone, the light resistance of the pigments used, the habits of sun exposure of the client (let’s say that it is a person who is more in the light of the sun than other for example), the color of the hair, the expectations…

Does it last the same?

Not, other of the differences between the microblading and micropigmentation of eyebrows is its duration. The microblading eyebrows usually last about 2 years, below the permanent makeup traditional, whose duration will depend on the type of skin, age and care applied.

What is a better technique than the other? what will achieve better results?

There are professionals who say that the microblading eyebrow is better than the micropigmentation because it is done much more superficially, but the majority of professionals of micropigmentation think that depends on the expertise of the professional. We can find professionals from microblading that they do not dominate the technique and deepen over the account, and professionals of micropigmentation which to perform their work with much expertise and achieve an effect of maximum definition with little depth.

In consequence, we may conclude that the sharpness of the strokes is more a function of the skill of the practitioner not the technique that is applied. And why most of the professionals feel that we cannot say that one technique is better than the other in terms of eyebrows.

Every person with the help of our professionals, specialists in micropigmentation and microblading must decide which technique is decided according to your wishes and peculiarities.

Are there other alternatives to the microblading and micropigmentation?

Yes, in many cases it is possible to get a hair transplant to the eyebrows, and is a treatment that is becoming more common. There are cases such as alopecia scar where the eyebrow transplant gives spectacular results and the patients recover their self-esteem, because the eyebrows have a key role in our image to be in the face, the body part that is always visible.

In any case, if you have little hair on your eyebrows or you want to give more volume and definition, consultation of specialists.