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Micropigmentation or permanent makeup is the implantation of pigments at the epidermal level.


It is a temporary treatment, since the implanted pigments are absorbed over time. However, its duration is very long. The permanence usually lasts between one and two years, depending on the type of skin of each person.

The material used is disposable, single use.
The implanted pigments are antiallergic.
Micropigmentation is used for treatments of:


Micropigmentation of lips:
Lip embellishment is achieved, lip contour is increased and small asymmetries are corrected.

Micropigmentation of eyes:
The goal is to achieve a more expressive look, with more life and to simulate a greater volume of eyelashes

Micropigmentation of eyebrows:

The client will be designed in advance to show the desired effect. We will use the system of hair to hair to avoid the effect of painted eyebrow, always looking for the naturalness.
The chosen color will harmonize with the color of the hair and the tone of the skin.
The makeup will be done in a first session and at the end of the month a second session to review, retouch and strengthen the tone of the makeup.

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Permanent Makeup in NJ

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Micropigmentation or permanent makeup can be the solution to not worry about the makeup you run or have to apply half to the races of every day.

If in war and in love everything is worth, in the field of beauty have also been emerging alternatives of all kinds so that you can achieve the image you want. One such solution is permanent makeup, as it is known to micropigmentation or dermography, which has come to revolutionize the daily lives of many women who live at a fast pace and look to look impeccable always.

This technique offers to modify, beautify or rebalance the facial features of the area of ​​the eyebrows, eyelids and lips, and in very particular cases eyelashes. It also allows correcting imperfections in some body areas, including the scalp and areolas, as well as conceal small moles, spots and scars.

This effect is possible thanks to the application of pigments of the desired color in the surface layer of the skin. That is why some people confuse this procedure with the conventional tattoo.

But the difference is that in permanent makeup is used a special device called a dermograph, which injects color at a lower depth. Now there are digital devices that almost make no noise and can be programmed according to the area and the type of skin to know the intensity that is needed, “says Daniella Noriega, a professional beautician.

In addition, Chinese ink is not used but a ‘vegetable pigment, hypoallergenic, that does not contain lead or is toxic’, adds Marta Torres, specialist in dermography. Noriega indicates that the pigment used ‘is of iron oxide and that the body can process it very well’.

From that account, the color is diluted uniformly, after a minimum of six months and up to two to six years on average. According to Torres, that depends on the amount of melanin that each person has, as well as their lifestyle. For example, the color will last longer in those who live in cold weather, than in a person who is exposed to much sun or exercise enough.

If for some reason you would like to change a color or remove it without waiting for it to fade on its own, you would have to use a dark tone, if it is the area of ​​the eyelids, or use a special material to depigmentate. But this one extracts only 80 percent of the color, just like the laser does and, in fact, would take several sessions.

Permanent makeup is a micro-pigmentation of the skin made with natural pigments of various colors that is applied in the manner of a tattoo, which can not be defined as a simple tattoo; Has to do with the application of a pigment inside the skin, but combines kindness, precision, good taste, experience and ethics to acquire a natural and lasting enhancement of eyebrows, eye contour, lips And even serves to camouflage birthmarks or scars and restore the areolas of the breasts after surgery.

Customer satisfaction is the main thing. The design of the eyebrows, eye lines, and lip lining is done first with a pencil, so the client will see it, and decide if they like it. Then proceed to permanent makeup.

Some of the advantages:

Embellishes: It makes us look better, and that raises our self-esteem. It also makes us look always well-groomed on every occasion.
Preserves the skin: as it avoids the daily abuse of the skin that causes the daily application of traditional makeup.
Save time: because it allows women to be well presented during the day and night for any occasion.
Save money: because you no longer spend money on eyeliner and lipstick.
It is practical : it is ideal for people who do not have the ability or capacity for daily makeup with eyeliners and lipsticks.

Permanent makeup, the technique that allows you to look beautiful 24/7

It can be applied to different areas of the face and even the body. The procedure is not painful and the results last up to five years.

Do you like to be flawless at any time of the day, even when you wake up in the morning? If so, then this beauty technique is right for you. It is permanent makeup, an alternative to which have used some famous to look good 24 hours, seven days a week. In Chile, one of the places where this procedure is performed is at the Les Gémeaux Esthetique Center . Doris Martínez, esthetician and cosmetologist at this establishment, explains that women who use it the most are those who do not have much time and also those who, although beautiful, want to look even better. Other types of clients are women who have few eyebrows or eyelashes, either because of their physiognomy (for example blondes) or for other reasons; As well as those who are not satisfied with the thickness of their lips and try with this technique before undergoing any more invasive intervention. But what does permanent makeup consist of? “It’s like a kind of tattoo,” Doris Martinez explains in simple terms, adding that “like all makeup, it is used to enhance and enhance factions.” For their application they use mineral and natural pigments, which penetrate the epidermis with the help of brushes or very thin needles. “The suffering is minimal, it is not a painful treatment,” says the expert, but adds that a local anesthetic is used to numb the area where it will be worked. He also asserts that the needles with which the pigments are applied are disposable and sterilized, as are all other devices used in the procedure.

Just do not come and do it. “First we have to make an evaluation, because many times the people who arrive do not know what they want and if they know, sometimes it is not the most appropriate for their face,” says Doris Martinez. The next step is to do a test on the skin, on the one hand to avoid allergic reactions and, on the other, for the client to approve the suggestion of the specialists (in Les Gémeaux are cosmetologists and makeup artists). And if an agreement is reached, it is applied to sessions that do not extend for more than an hour. Various Uses Doris Martinez maintains that permanent makeup “allows women to be always ready, without having to watch the mirror”. It also states that it is useful for those who suffer from allergies to cosmetics, while helping the economy (as it is not necessary to buy makeup), and corrects and conceals imperfections. In this sense, the main areas in which it is used are: – Eyebrows: thicken, sharpen, shorten, lengthen, shade, imitate hair for hair and even give them a three-dimensional effect. – Lips: with it it is possible to correct irregularities in the edges, asymmetries, cracks, highlight their color, as well as add definition and fullness. – Eyelids: enhances the eyelashes, either delicately or intensely. In this case, the permanent makeup is applied in the spaces between the lashes. However, this technique not only seeks a goal of beauty, but also a more therapeutic. This is the case of people who use it to camouflage scars, such as acne, and even have women who have undergone a mastectomy due to breast cancer and have a breast prosthesis. “(In those cases) sometimes the areolas are not the same, then with the makeup is achieved the symmetry in both,” explains the expert. According to Doris Martínez, the naturalness of the results depends on the degree of experience that the professional who has the job has, and that is why he calls those who are interested in him, to inquire about the background of the person to whom they turn. Advice that must be taken into account, since although it does not last a lifetime, this type of makeup does remain for between three and five years. “It’s not forever, because the face changes with the passing of the years,” explains the beautician and cosmetologist. In this way, the colors are more alive when the makeup is freshly applied and, as time goes by, they gradually dilute and lower their intensity. At that moment, if the woman wants to apply again, it can go to another evaluation with the specialists so that they look for the best alternative, taking into account the modifications that have experienced his face, such as the appearance of wrinkles. Does it require any special care? The expert argues that for results to last as long as possible, it is important to avoid exposure of the treated area to UV rays. “It is advisable to wear sunscreen on the eyebrows, sunglasses for the line of eyes, protector on the lips,” he says. Doris Martinez adds that no other precautionary measure is necessary and even ensures that it is possible to perform other beauty procedures, such as skin cleansing, for example, in complete safety.


Is Permanent Makeup a Bright Idea or a Dangerous Fad?

We all had that morning: wake up 30 minutes late, you must hurry out and know that it will take 10 more valuable minutes to make up. At times like this, you might wonder: would not it be great not to have to worry about makeup every day?

Permanent makeup can alleviate the hassle of having to apply makeup every day. However, it is a serious cosmetic procedure and it is important to evaluate the risks along with the benefits.

What exactly is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup mimics the appearance of lipstick and lip, eyebrow and eye liner. It is done through a process called micropigmentation, in which a pencil to make tattoos is used to inject permanent ink into the skin. Each procedure lasts between 30 and 120 minutes and doctors use a local anesthetic to numb the area to be tattooed. Like any tattoo, in principle the color will be brighter or darker and then lose intensity. The area will be swollen between 2 and 5 days and a crust will form before it heals.

Consider the costs

Permanent make-up is not cheap, every procedure costs between $ 300 and $ 1,000! Costs can vary widely according to the quality of the work, the training of the professional who does the work and the number of areas involved and time spent.

Beautiful benefits

The most obvious benefit of permanent make-up is to wake up each day with your “face ready”. You can swim, exercise, bathe and wake up and still look produced and ready to go. It may be ideal for women who travel constantly. Permanent makeup may be for you if:

  • You have lost hair due to chemo, accidents, burns or cosmetic surgery.
  • She finds it difficult to apply makeup due to age or diseases, such as arthritis.
  • It is allergic to traditional make-up or has sensitive skin.

Risky practice

Permanent make-up is a serious cosmetic procedure and should be performed by a trained and licensed professional. Do not forget to consider the risks or complications, which include:

  • Infections. Untested equipment and needles can easily transmit infections such as hepatitis and staphylococcus bacteria.
  • Granulomas. These are nodules that can be formed around the material that the body perceives as strange, including the pigment particles of a tattoo.
  • Scars. If you are prone to developing scars, you may run the risk of having keloids (scars that form beyond normal parameters).
  • Allergic reaction. Although rare, allergic reactions to the ink used in permanent make-up can be very serious, to the extent that it is difficult to completely remove all the pigment.
  • Problems to remove makeup. The removal of permanent makeup, or any type of tattoo, is a painful and slow process. Permanently withdrawing the ink may need to be done on several visits to the doctor, and is an expensive and painful procedure.

Although it may seem tempting to have your face always young and ready to go out, keep in mind that today’s fashions may seem outdated within a couple of years.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to consider in any type of procedure, but simply remember that when it comes to your eyes, they are irreplaceable! Consult your eye doctor before applying permanent make-up on your eyelids.

Know all about permanent make-up

Well say that the eyebrows are the frame of the eyes; However, according to information from HealthBeauty.com its function is to protect the eyes from external factors like sweat , water, dust, etc. One way to embellish your eyebrows is permanent makeup .

Permanent make-up is a good alternative for those women who have little eyebrows and for those who want to save time when it comes to grooming. Know the pros and cons of this aesthetic process.

1. You save time when you shave.
2. It is perfect for those women who are allergic to make-up chemicals .
3. Avoid making mistakes when you shave.
4. Disguises scars from the area.
1. It is a procedure that the time has to be retouched so that it is not worn and your eyebrows look without color or shape.
2. You run the risk that if it is not applied by a professional, the results are not of your total enjoyment and you have to wait some time to correct the problem.
3. You must take into account that the permanent eyebrow makeup is equal to a tattoo that only with aesthetic methods can eliminate if you wish.
4. You can cite some kind of allergy .
If you have already made the decision to use permanent eyebrow makeup, it is important that you go with a professional and verify that the place is certified to perform these procedures, otherwise you run the risk of not having satisfactory results and have health problems . Beware!