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Microblading: See the sweet spot

Microblading “Sweet Spot”

While you are Microblading, you need to look VERY CAREFULLY to find the “sweet spot” in order to assess if you are in the right depth of the skin’s dermis.



What to look for:

  • A fine channel or “split” in the skin
  • Clean and smooth strokes with same channel depth


  1. Work SLOWLY in order to see the channel reveal itself with your hand pressure
  2. Always wear a headlamp. You will not be able to see the “sweet spot” easily with only overhead lighting
  3. Bleeding is a sign that you are in the dermis but not all skin types bleed. Sensitive skin will bleed much easier regardless of Fitzpatrick skin type and you will need to lighten your pressure to prevent additional bleeding which will dilute the color.