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“Microblading”: the pigmentation, semi-permanent eyebrows

Discover this new method of pigmentation for eyebrows, more economic and with more natural results than the traditional

Gone are the tattoos and micropigmentation traditional, results in permanent and practically irreversible. The last thing in the design of the eyebrows is the microblading, a technique of pigmentation, semi-permanent, with results more natural than the classic tattoo. It is an ideal treatment for people with eyebrows thinly populated, or that have been losing hair over the years, or as a result of any illness or medical treatment.

The “microblading” allows for both shape as to fill out the brow in those points in which it becomes necessary, without great assaults to the skin, and with a finish that goes unnoticed completely. The secret is the technique of the “hair to hair”, which allows a more precise and custom of the stroke, getting a result very natural.

Can you imagine not having to make up your eyebrows for more than a year? Because it is what you get with the “microblading”, which provides a term of up to two years, depending always on the type of skin, of the application and of the care to follow each person.

“Microblading”, step by step

  1. The first thing that will make the professional, before starting with the technique itself is to take a series of measurements of the eyebrows, to define the shape more flattering. For this you will need to consider the shape of the face and its features, in addition to the natural shape of each eyebrow.
  2. Once you have the measures of reference appropriate, it is performed a simulation with pencil so that the client can see how the end result will be.
  3. You choose the colour of pigment is most appropriate taking into account the natural hair, the color of the skin and eyes. It is normal that after the immediate application, the result is a few shades darker than the desired, but what is certain is that with the passing of the days and the healing, the tone will be settling down and correcting.
  4. Applies a topical anesthesia in the form that cream and let sit for a half hour. Those who have experienced ensure that the incisions are noticed only as a small inconvenience. 
  5. The professional you design the eyebrow and filling in holes, hair to hair, making shallow cuts in the epidermis of the skin in which it is deposited on the pigment. To this end, using a pen-type “tebori” with small tips and bevelled. The pigmentation of the eyebrows with this system is usually performed in two phases.

  1. Once the process is completed, the professional will indicate what are the care required for proper healing of the eyebrows. The first 48 hours are vital in order to ensure the good results of the “microblading”.
  2. Past a time, after the healing, it is usually recommended a touch up to fill in areas that have lost pigment.

In this video you can see the before and after a session of “microblading”, as well as the amazing finish of the technique of the “hair to hair”:

“Microblading” vs. micropigmentation / tattoo

– The “microblading” it allows for a more natural finish than any other pigmentation thanks it works hair by hair, to emulate the hair of your brow. With the tattoo, or micropigmentation, the result is more uniform and artificial.

– Micropigmentation is performed with a dermógrafo (electric), while the “microblading” is performed manually, by drawing hair by hair. In the case of tattooing, a needle deposits ink into the layers the more internal of the dermis, hence its finish permanently.

– You can enjoy the results of the “microblading” from the first minute, only taking into account some precautions during the healing time.

– The “microblading” is the technique less long-lasting (between a year and two), but also the least expensive. The tattoo is definitive, while the micropigmentation can last up to 4 years.