Wear permanent makeup, an option for the boldest

By Sarah Lena Grahn (for DPA agency).
The promises implicit in permanent make-up are tempting: perfectly formed eyebrows , a good outline and rosy lips day and night. No pale skin in the morning, much less having to remove makeup at night. However, not all women are comfortable with the idea of ​​wearing make-up underneath rather than over the skin.
To achieve a permanent makeup, pigment the first layer of the skin, the epidermis, with colors that are applied with a fine needle . The work is done with an automatic device, similar to that used by tattooists, but less aggressive.

Among the most requested permanent makeup are eyebrows. By painting hair for the hair, the eyebrows look thicker . To highlight the look, you can also draw a line of permanent delineation on the eyelashes. Another alternative is to fill the line of the eyelashes, placing color between each eyelash, a more complex and delicate work.
Very finite or pale lips can greatly enhance their appearance with a permanent make-up, which will make them appear more stuffed and rosy. In general, they are delineated with pigment and given color with a special shading technique. However, this makeup pales after a year and a half to two years and must be renewed.
Another current trend is microblading , which is used to correct mostly the shape of the eyebrows. The pelitos are drawn one by one . The tip of the pencil that is used for this is more finite than the needle that is used for common permanent makeup. That makes the pelitos that are drawn look finite and with it more natural.
Permanent make-up is not only used for pure coquetry and comfort, but also after suffering from illness. In cases of breast cancer that require the removal of a breast, it is often appealed to permanent makeup to rebuild the nipple.
However, just like when a tattoo is done, permanent makeup also damages the skin , which carries with it certain health risks, such as allergic reactions or inflammations. While the inks used must follow the same safety standards as those used for tattoos, the skin may react unexpectedly.
Some clinics even specialize in eliminating permanent makeup for cases in which the patients were not satisfied. Unfortunately, there is always the risk that the cosmetologist is wrong in the stroke . And other times, simply the patient is not satisfied with the result. To eliminate the makeup, it takes between ten and 15 treatments with laser.
That is why, whoever decides on permanent makeup should look for a good specialist. It ‘s good to talk a lot with the cosmetologist and her clients , see photos of the treatments, ask about the origin of the inks and make sure that the hygiene standards in the office are good.

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